Sushi lovers, try Mamagoto's latest new additions

This Pan-Asian outlet in Hyderabad recently opened doors again with revamped interiors and new additions to the menu

Paulami Sen Published :  05th January 2018 07:39 PM   |   Published :   |  05th January 2018 07:39 PM

Katsu Chicken, anyone?

WHEN Mamagoto’s Banjara Hills branch was shut for renovation, the Pan-Asian enthusiasts in the city missed their Oriental cuisine. However, the outlet which underwent an overhaul, is back post-hiatus with a cosier décor and new additions to the menu,  including a sushi section. That came as a good news for the Maki lovers who don’t have too many options to choose from in the city. And so, we made our way to the eatery,welcomed by the all-too-familiar painting of the restaurant’s mascot, Mama Bear.

Cosy décor

The dim lights, edgy paintings, black-leathered sofas warm you up for an afternoon dining session
dedicated to Sushi. We wait for the chef to join us on the table, as we perfect our skills of using chopsticks. Meanwhile, the unit chef Jigmy Pradhan introduces himself and informs, “We can customise to suit the taste of our patrons. It is important for us to find out if they are allergic to any ingredient, for instance, mushrooms or crab sticks.” While we nibble on the rice crackers on the table, the first dish from their ‘Maki Family’ is presented to us for sampling.

California Roll

Sushi secrets
The Katsu Chicken, with barbecue marinated and panko crusted chicken,is a Japanese classic adapted into a maki roll. It has an overpowering burst of flavours thanks to the sesame seeds nevertheless, it is delectable and crunchy. Next up, we dig into The Ebi Tempura, apt for prawn lovers like us. The slight bits of cucumber and spring onion make for a great combination. Seafood lovers can also try the California Roll with imitation crab sticks, flying fish roe and avocado shreds. Vegetarians here have the same number of options as their non-vegetarian counterparts. However, we wish they add more choices to their sushi menu; the Nigiri for instance. The authorities at the outlet promises us that they will attempt to introduce more options soon.The Asparagus Tempura, is the highlight of the vegetarian section, with creamy cheese and a slight hint of sweet that can be tempered according to your liking. Apart from the sushi, the restaurant has also introduced a few new starters such as the Fish Finger with Black Bean Jam Crispy Wonton with Chili Chicken. The tender cooked chicken with three kinds of bell-peppers, chili bean and garlic sauce was a fitting finale to our Pan-Asian feast.

Price for two: Rs 1,700++