Ever imagined a tortilla as an ice cream cone?

This new restaurant at Nungambakkam serves up Italian and Mexican with a fun surprise

Sonali Shenoy Published :  06th July 2018 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  06th July 2018 06:00 AM


Is it a dessert? Is it an appetiser? Is it... both?

Nungambakkam’s newest addition to Chennai's foodscape serves up vegetarian fare with a ‘surprise’. Before you chase us down with an ice cream stick for dragging out the mystery dish though — here it is. Gluten-free tortilla cones with avocado ice cream on top. It arrives in short glasses filled with a rainbow salad, atop a smoking glass tray (dry ice no doubt) —  but we love the drama, and so curiously dig in. The avocado scoop is creamy and holds its integrity so we don’t get our fingers messy, and diving deeper — we discover — there’s a hidden layer of savoury black beans below which are an unexpected switch.

Perhaps the only thing that doesn’t work for this dish is its name, Taquitos, which isn’t half as exciting as what is in it!

Margarita upside down

But Quattro, the name of the restaurant or in this case ‘Ristorante’ (on the signage) quickly tells us that our main course will not consist of dal makhani and the like. The four-year-old franchise specialises in Italian and Mexican cuisines — and apart from this outlet in Chennai, is also open in Mumbai and Dubai. The 2,000 sq foot space on Wallace Garden Road which seats 75, has been in the pipeline since December last year, says one of the seven partners Abishek Bokdia. 

Innovation and impressive presentation aside though, what is likely to be a key selling point for vegetarian guests is that “Seventy per cent of the menu can be prepared, keeping Jain sensibilities in mind,” adds another partner, Shruti Jain.


Olive & mushroom crostini

We sip on a baby pink Guava smoothie with a Habanero chilli salt mix lining the rim — as we gear up for what is to come. And we must admit, it is delicious. Unfortunately though, due to the mad rush in the kitchen with pre-launch guests packing the place — a good number of courses never make it to our table. So sadly we miss out on a chunk of courses like the Chilled Melon & Feta salad, the Broccoli and Cheese soup and the enchiladas.

We wrap up with a Pimento pizza which is tasty, but nothing to boast off and a Canelloni Florentina. The latter with tubes of risotto, spinach, basil, parmesan, béchamel and mozzarella is OMG indulgence encapsulated. 

Meal for two is Rs 1,200.

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