This new watering hole in Anna Nagar serves Pongal aracini!

With dishes featuring molecular gastronomy and a liberal dose of fusion-inspired creativity, 6th Avenue is a thumbs up for us!

author_img Sabrina Rajan Published :  06th July 2018 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  06th July 2018 06:00 AM

A glimpse of the interiors

If it is about keeping pace with the latest trends in the city kitchens, then the new resto bar down 6th Avenue in Anna Nagar is on top of the game. From the likes of fusion aracini to dishes featuring molecular gastronomy – the menu here is easily engaging with focus on plating aesthetics.

Owned by partners Narayana Murthy and J Karthikeyan, 6th Avenue restobar, named after its location, is a roomy 120-seater, with a high ceiling and a separate floor that boasts a snooker table, gaming room and ice-hockey table. “We are not trying to position ourselves as a nightclub. It is more about offering great food in a fine-dining ambience, and the bar is incidental. We are catering to a mix of the young demographic and the family crowd,” says Narayana who is also one of the directors of Hotel Bhimaas, Vadapalani.


Pongal Aracini

Crumb rule
As we settled into a table for two, set against a teal-hued wall adorned with vintage dial phones, Chef Manikandan V introduces us to their Pongal Aracini. “Nearly two years ago we introduced the thayir sadam aracini in Coimbatore’s Kuchi N Kream,” says the chef, who along with Chef Navin Prasad were the team behind the menus at BOATS, Thirsty Crow and M’bessy (now called Hix).  The aracini with some khara chutney hidden inside the South Indian breakfast staple, made the sides of mayonnaise and beetroot chutney seem unnecessary. Delicious with hints of ghee and crunch of roasted cashew nuts, this one is a keeper.

Hot Stepper Pizza

The peri peri chicken also nicely qualified as a bar snack – deep fried and crumb coated, teamed with fries, the slim slices of chicken were surprisingly juicy. However, there are wholesome options like the Tikka salad for those counting calories. And for those who want a blob of drama – the dahi gujia version x is a fun fit. Spheres of yogurt and foam of mint chutney play with your senses – even though a mouthful proves to be of traditional taste and flavour.


The Steaming Basket

Mesh mash
Sipping on the delighful bitter-sweet vodka-based Lady Killer cocktail that has hints of Campari, we go through rolling pin shaped platters of paneer and chicken tikkas, and manage to save no place for the pizzas from their live counter. However, Chef Mani insisted we try a main course and despite protesting, we end up picking every last morsel from our plate.  The chimmichurri chicken is a layered dish with crunchy soya-glazed veggies topped with a delicate mesh of potato rosti and a slab of pesto-coated chicken all smothered under a flourish of garnish. The rosti packs some delightful heat and as the chef pointed out – this beauty is no hash brown!

Shiny disco ball
Instead of the smokin’ churned ice-creams from their live counter we chose another popular Insta-worthy dessert. Here the metallic silver chocolate sphere was more than just a pretty face. Decorated with squirts of chocolate, crumbled cookies and edible flowers, when the warm chocolate milk was poured over it – the raison d’etre was revealed – a scoop of ‘decadent’ salted caramel mousse. All the elements came together perfectly with some roasted cherry compote cutting through the sweet on cue.

 Meal for two at Rs 1,250 (not including beverages).