Sahil Makhija hosts a keto masterclass

Sahil Makhija, who juggles music and an online food channel Headbanger's Kitchen

author_img   |   Published :   |  16th March 2018 06:00 AM

Sahil Makhija

Sahil “The Demonstealer” Makhija from the cult death metal band, Demonic Resur-rection has over 1.5 lakh followers on Youtube but it’s not what you’d imagine it’s for. The guitarist and vocalist runs his own channel, Headbanger’s Kitchen where he cooks keto recipes — everything from dosas to chocolate cake. He hosts a masterclass, Kickstart With Keto, this weekend. He tells us more in a candid exchange: 

What can one expect from the workshop? 
My workshop covers a basic idea and explanation of keto for those who are new. I will be following that with a cooking class on popular recipes of mine, which the audience will get to taste.

What’s the worst myth about keto? 
There are a lot of misconceptions. Most of them come from misinformation and ignorance. Keto  doesn’t mean eating sticks of butter, and it certainly won’t give you a heart attack. 
What are some of your favourite keto ingredients to experiment with? 
I love experimenting with different kinds and cuts of meat but sadly in India, I’m quite restricted. I wait for trips to the UK where I can stay with friends and cook with real beef and meats like duck and venison. 
Is Indian food keto-friendly? 
All our kebabs, tandoori Chicken, palak paneer and butter chicken are keto-friendly and if not, they can be made keto-friendly by editing the recipe a bit. I’ve also managed to make keto versions of dosa, upma and poha. I think you are only restricted in a few ways. For example, you cannot have your regular roti, rice and dal but there are many keto versions of all these foods as well. 

What are you focusing more on now — music or cooking? 
I always try and find a balance between the two but I think since being a Youtube chef is my full time job, that does get more attention. However it’s only a matter of time before a music project takes my attention and the tables are turned. 

Entry by registration. March 16, 3 pm. At Foodhall, 1 MG Lido Mall