Chennai-based Amadora sets up shop in the city

Their signatures include the underbaked chocolate chunk bar with vanilla ice cream, and the Mami's Filter Kaapi ice cream
Chennai-based Amadora sets up shop in the city

If you’re familiar with Chennai, you’d have doubtless heard of the widely popular Amadora — a gourmet ice cream and sorbet shop that prides itself on creating desserts from locally sourced premium products. Their honey, for instance is from Mysuru and their vanilla, from Pollachi. A brainchild of Deepak Suresh, an engineer by qualification, the six-year-old ice cream store now opens its doors in Bengaluru, after Hyderabad and Coimbatore.

We paid a visit to their kiosk in UB City on a scorching afternoon to sample some of their signature flavours and sundaes. As expected, the much-talked-about Mami’s Filter Kapi, which is classic Chennai-style filter coffee turned into ice cream, proved to be a must-try. Another favourite is the Salted Butter Caramel ice cream — a nostalgia-inducing treat that smacks of Caramilk, a toffee from the ‘90s. Vegans may ask for the Dark Chocolate Sorbet, which is intensely chocolatey, without being heavy. 

A visit to Amadora is incomplete without a tasting of their famous Underbaked, a sundae that comprises an underbaked chocolate chunk bar and their Five-Bean Vanilla Ice cream. Gooey and thick, the chocolate chunk bar, is baked until slightly under but still edible. It pairs quite seamlessly with the vanilla ice cream, which is made with five vanilla beans for every litre of ice cream. The little black flecks of vanilla in the white ice cream reassured us that what we were tucking into was gourmet, indeed. The store also offers their signature ice cream bars, with options like Chocolate Brownie, a chocolate bar with brownie in the centre, and Vanilla Dulce De Leche. 

Rs.150 upwards. At Vittal Mallya Road

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