Bengaluru gets its own Brownie Heaven

Choose from a variety of different flavours of brownies

Ayesha Tabassum Published :  18th May 2018 05:05 PM   |   Published :   |  18th May 2018 05:05 PM

Brownie Jamun

Bengaluru's dessert cafes have a new competitor in town. Chennai’s most popular brownie cafe, Brownie Heaven, makes its way to Bengaluru. The cafe that’s known for its out-of-the-box desserts and innovative flavours opens its doors in Indira Nagar. 

The casual interiors and furniture give it a young vibe, but the highlight of the tiny cafe is the huge glass counter that stocks brownies in a variety of flavours. From Classic, Roasted Nuts, Nutella, Chocolate Interplay, White Chocolate, and Cashew Caramel to Triple Chocolate, there are a lot of options on offer. From the menu, we chose to try the Brownie Web, Brownie Junkie and the Brownie Jamun with a Filter Coffee Shake.

The Brownie Web is a brownie topped with chocolate and strawberry sauce, ice cream and roasted almonds. It’s the spider-web like plating that gives it the name. What we liked about this is the interplay of different flavours. The strawberry sauce and chocolate sauce make for an interesting combination, while the roasted almonds add the nuttiness. 

The Brownie Junkie is quite an unusual combination of a brownie topped with ice cream and potato chips, drizzled with chocolate sauce. While we were a bit skeptical, the crispy potato chips complemented the crumbly brownie quite well much to our surprise. 

The Brownie Jamun is basically brownies that take the shape of gulab jamuns. This we felt was a bit over the top as it was loaded with sugar. The only relief were the peanuts sprinkled on this dish. Even if you have a palate for all things sweet, we suggest you pair this dessert with something savoury. 

From the beverages, we chose the Filter Coffee Shake, which is made with brownies and coffee. The strong coffee drink paired with crumbs of brownies and peanuts will keep you awake for hours. Apart from what we tried, there are other interesting desserts such as Stairway to Heaven — a combination of classic brownies, three mini scoops of ice cream and white chocolate brownie. For those who cannot decide what to eat, follow the MYO (Make-Your-Own) instructions on the their menu card that will help create your own personalised dessert. 

With such an ela-borate variety on offer, Brownie Heaven is certainly the place to go for sinful brownies and we sure are going back for more.

Rs 300 for two. At Indira Nagar