The Park's new summer menu has purple cocktails & pink sushi

A cocktail that changes colour and aperitifs in cutting chai glasses. The new A2 summer menu  serves up a surprise at every turn

Sonali Shenoy Published :  25th May 2018 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  25th May 2018 06:00 AM

Assortment of sushi


Matcha, moringa and magic. Expect a dash of all three in the selection of cocktails on A2’s new summer menu that launched earlier this week. We’ll start off with the most impressive one — a cocktail named Indigo Blush  (it looks like a slushy inspired by the movie Frozen). The waiter takes us by surprise, as he slips in a few dried flower buds and a squeeze of lime that transforms our cool blue drink into a gorgeous hue of purple, fit for royalty. Plenty more impressive than the much-criticised lilac number flaunted by Priyanka Chopra at the recent Prince Harry-Meghan Markle wedding, we assure you.

Indigo Blush

Butterflies & gin
The drink made of gin, butterfly pea flower tea, Cointreau and lime has us taking more pictures of it to show off later on Instagram than actually sipping on it, truth be told. The best part, we learn from executive chef Ashutosh Nerlekar is that “it is completely natural” with no added colouring, and we quickly grow to relish its pleasantly mild flavour, as we go through an extensive degustation tasting of appetisers. Look forward to an eclectic mix of world cuisines from a crispy Japanese Maki maguro (tuna, spicy aioli and tanuki) to peppery Thalassery lamb chops. The lamb chops arrive as part of the A2 Sampler (six palate teasers in one) with bite-size portions, curiously calling to us from vintage-style cutting chai glasses and newspaper wrapping. There are salty olives to pop, sumac lavash chips with red pepper hummus, garlic parmesan chicken, the aforementioned chops and a ‘foodgasm’ worthy serving of Mango Murabba Pork Ribs. Sweet, savoury and buttery on the bone — we encourage guilt-free gluttony on this last one. 

Mushroom Gyoza

Red hot chilli peppers
As we move on to sampling a grassy green A2 Matcha Latte (with gin, limoncello, matcha and egg white) — we’re informed that there are 20-odd new dishes on the menu. “But favourites like our Truffle parmesan fries and Tenderloin burger aren’t going anywhere,” the chef shares, for those wondering. When asked about his personal favourites from the new menu — he chats us up on the Stuffed banana chilli (with black beans rice, sour cream and salsa) — which offers a nice hit of heat and the delicious Sundried tomato and parmesan stuffed baked mushrooms. Also, if like us, you get a kick out of unconventional plating — there are Pan-seared mushroom dim sums that reach our table on a miniature wooden bench — just about tall enough for Barbie!


A2 Sampler

Perhaps the only disappointment of the night is the Potato gnocchi which sits impressively on the menu with edamame and kaffir lime. Unfortunately, the coconut curry it sits in when it is brought to us is doused so heavily in salt, we can’t handle more than a spoonful. A layered Framboise of textures with Almond jaconde, chocolate thins, raspberry punch and white chocolate quickly redeems it though, and lulls us into sweet surrender.

Meal for two Rs 1,500 plus taxes. | @brightasunshine