This Chennai pub is all about Madras and serves a Rajinikanth-inspired drink you have try

The cocktails served at The Wire Room Bar + Kitchen use local Madras ingredients like karupatti, thenmittai, nannari and kallimark.

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Rajinikanth-inspired cocktail Magizhchi at Wire Room Bar + Kitchen in Velachery

CHENNAI just got a new resto-pub which is literally mad about Madras. The Wire Room Bar + Kitchen at Design Hotel in Phoenix MarketCity, Velachery uses just one wire across the whole pub running over 20 kilometres. “The wire on the ceiling depicts Madras checks, because the idea was to create a contemporary design using elements from the city,” says Ashish Vohra, founder and CEO, jüSTa Hotels & Resorts. Coated in brass, the stainless steel chords strung across the length and breadth immediately catches the eye because the focused telescopic lights make them have a three-dimensional effect.

The 80-seater space serves an expansive menu, which manages to shift our focus. Expect a fusion of world cuisine with local Madras ingredients. The cocktails for instance use karupatti, thenmittai, nannari and kallimark. “With the design and theme, that we have created, we have attempted to offer best of both worlds – a traditional feel of Madras with a modern touch adding to the overall experience,” Ashish elaborates on the vision behind the space.

Surf & Turf at Wire Room Bar + Kitchen at Design Hotel in Phoenix MarketCity

With the city heat getting to us, we couldn’t help but start with Magizhchi (Rs 600), a cocktail that pays tribute to Chennai’s very own ‘Thalaiva’ Rajinikanth. The gin-based cocktail is a mix of smooth egg whites, martini dry and a ginger and karupatti syrup; leaving us with earthy notes of cinnamon on top. On the other hand, the tall mug of a chilled Covealong (Rs 600) packs a punch with a potent combination of bourbon whiskey, homemade pomo syrup, sweet paneer soda and a hint of lime juice.  

After all this, we’re curious to dive into the first dish — Harissa and Cilantro Pesto Prawns (Rs 545). While the Harissa jumbo prawns were spicy, the flavour of pesto coupled with cilantro served as a mild version to the seafood speciality. The visually appealing fresh Greek Mediterranean Quinoa Salad (Rs 325) is the perfect option for all healthy eaters. 

The Crystal Dumplings (Rs 325) filled with mushroom, carrot, zucchini and broccoli, work as an ideal choice for Asian food lovers. Surf & Turf (Rs 675) serves red meat and prawns on the same plate for diners who can’t decide. It has grilled tenderloin with mashed potatoes and a delicious lavender infused tomato sauce; the spicy grilled prawns with seasoned asparagus easily transported us to the seashore. Diners could skip all other dishes if a steaming one-bowl meal is the need of the hour. The vegetarian Khao-Suey (Rs 395) is packed with Burmese noodles delicately flavoured with coconut milk sauce with an optional choice of condiments.

Dessert turns out to be a Chocolate Marquise with Lemon and Mint sorbet which is just the right combination of sinful-meets-refreshing.

Meal for two: Rs 1,600