Four places in Mumbai that serve the best kunefeh, the middle-eastern dessert that’s the flavour of the season

This popular Middle Eastern dessert is made with kataifi pastry, stuffed with delicious melted cheese and topped with fragrant syrup

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Kunafeh in Mumbai

Kunafeh in Mumbai

Craving for authentic kunafeh that you tried during your last trip to a Middle Eastern country? Not anymore! Mumbai has now got a few places that serve authentic kunafeh avec the cheese pull, and that much-loved taste.

Kunafeh or knafeh is a popular Middle Eastern dessert made with kataifi pastry, stuffed with delicious melted cheese, and topped with fragrant syrup. Here are four places in Mumbai where you can enjoy this decadent dessert.


Located in five of Mumbai’s most happening neighborhoods, Bayroute brings to you its in-house knafeh called K’nafi Jibneh, with a taste sublime enough to make you feel like royalty. From the crunch of angel-hair kataifi, the tempting molten cheese pull to the luxurious aroma of pistachios and rose, this dessert certainly has it all.

Kunafa World:

In the world of knafehs, this place is surely the king. This trendy place serves this delicious dessert in various avatars — from crunchy and classic kunafas to mini kunafas in cones. What’s more? You can watch your kunafas being prepared. The bestsellers include crunchy Nutella, crunchy oreo, classic cream and many more.

Sufy’s Kanafeh Point:

Embrace the rich food tradition of middle-east at this charming shop located on Mumbai’s iconic Mohammad Ali Road. Apart from serving traditional kanafehs with its rich cheese pull and flaky pastry topped with pistachios, it also confects its take on this traditional beauty with variants like mango cream kanafeh, Nutella kanafeh and lotus biscoff kanafeh amongst others.


Get ready to dance to Arabic tunes after you taste the divine treats served at this place. Its specialities include mouth-watering dainty baklavas and delectable wholesome knafehs all prepared to transport you to the magical streets of Istanbul, which makes these scrumptious treats the perfect gifting solutions for your cherished ones.