Into the woods: A boutique for teak

Bouteak uses reclaimed Burmese teak from roofs, rafts and pillars of buildings constructed 50 years ago

author_img   |   Published :   |  04th August 2017 06:00 AM

At Bouteak, everything from the palatial king-sized beds to the three-headed Ganesha that sits in a corner is crafted in mahogany or Burmese teak. Add to that sofas from the Dutch brand Danca and upholstery fabrics from Italy’s Versace, and you know this space spells luxury long before you sink into their lush mattresses.

The store, which opened its doors in February last year, is owned by Sushil Kumar, a veteran in the home decor business. After running Tulsi’s Arterior, which specialised in handcrafted wooden decor back in the early-80s and supplied products to clients as big as Harrods in London, the Chennai-based businessman decided to join forces with Navrathan Jewellers last year, to set up shop in Nungambakkam’s uptown Rutland Gate. What sets this space apart from most high-end furniture spaces in the city is the fact that all the wood is reclaimed from buildings erected over half a century back.

The 55-year-old electrical engineer with a flair for art and handcrafted decor recalls, “Back then, the rafting and pillars were both made from teak exported from Burma.” Apart from already being naturally seasoned and cut, as Sushil points out, “It’s also an eco-friendly option because we are not cutting trees to make furniture.” Armchairs and love seats aside, their collection also includes artefacts like a particularly handsome silver horse or the brass cups picked from places across India, like Bengal, Rajasthan and Delhi. You can look for classics as well as contemporary designs in their carpet collection, mainly sourced from Kashmir and Persia. Sushil informs that their next store will be in Bengaluru, in about a year’s time.

Products prized `2,000 onwards. At Nungambakkam. Details: 28332766