Bindis beneath your feet? This tile collection makes it hard to look up

Now you don’t have to wait for leave at the office to hit your favourite destination. Design your floors with tiles that take you there 

Sonali Shenoy Published :  03rd November 2017 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  03rd November 2017 12:00 AM


If you can’t take a trip to a holiday destination of your choosing, do the next best thing. Design your home with floors that take you there. Bharat Flooring’s new Made in India tile range inspired by 13 states offers motifs like kolam patterns from Tamil Nadu to modaks from Maharashtra. The month-old collection by this nearly century-old company gives people the access to heritage at their feet quite literally, with inspiration drawn from culture, festivals, landscape, history and desi fashion statements like the bindi. From forehead to floor —  how about that for a twist?

Bindis & modaks
Firdaus Variava, Vice Chairman of the company shares that the range meant travelling back to our roots, “Every state in India, every community in every direction of the country has its idiosyncrasies, which is fascinating.Whether it’s the Phulkari range from Punjab, or the majestic Jharokha from Rajasthan, the waves of Goa or the traditional Bindi from West Bengal, each state’s speciality has been entwined into the designs to stand for what India truly represents — unity in diversity,” he says. 

What’s also noteworthy to mention is that these tiles are handcrafted and made of cement which is highly durable for the long term. “If maintained well, these would last as long as 60 to 70 years,” says Variava. That means these are good for high traffic areas or indoors with minimal wear and tear and he adds, “Re-polishing will make them look as good as new.”

Firdaus Variava,VC
Bharat Flooring


Another big benefit to using cement is that it is anti-skid, which means that the senior citizens in the family are likely to enjoy the view without the worry of slipping on it. And, it is pet-friendly.

Home & away
Perhaps the only downside to ordering beach waves from Goa and Pashmina patterns from Kashmir to style your floors is that each order can take between 25 and 30 days to meet. “After the tile is cast by the artisan, it must be cured in water for a period of time, and then air dried before being shipped,” explains Variava. This is after the use of handmade moulds created specifically to match design drawings. Here’s the bright side. With a little creativity, you could hop from state to state while standing in the same room. 

Rs 200 per square foot. Details: