Wear shades of red green to feel a positive chi during a pregancy

author_img S BS Surendran Published :  03rd November 2017 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  03rd November 2017 06:00 AM


In feng shui, energy is all-encompassing and moving slowly, rapidly, or in a balanced manner. Our surroundings tell the world exactly how we see ourselves. If you see yourself alone, and you constantly think about how lonely you feel, you receive more of what you are thinking about — loneliness.
Energy follows what you focus on and it will give you more of whatever that is.  Feng shui will assist in achieving the goal, no matter what that goal may be.

Feeling your baby’s motions, playing with him, talking to him even before birth — those nine months is special to every mother expecting a baby. Pregnancy is an exciting time for many women who try to prepare for a new addition to their family not just in terms of a living space but also on the quality time to be dedicated for the baby.

Adapting some simple, but effective techniques commonly used in the practice of feng shui, adding a sense of good smell through aromatherapy, the use of earth elements like crystals, the use of colour and even sound, will  improve the overall energy not just in the living space, but even the internal chi of a pregnant woman, thereby reducing common stress and discomforts associated with pregnancy and 
prenatal care.

To boost the health of both the pregnant woman and her unborn child, the home could be modified 
to make essential changes in terms of décor and even dress to encourage a feel of positive chi, and create a sense of comfort and confidence in the mind of the mother.

Your ‘pre-delivery’ home checks could begin with a proper check on the functioning of electrical systems, especially areas where frayed wires or improperly functioning outlets exist, relocating computers and televisions emitting high EMF and radiation, ensuring the proper flow of air into a room and making the room light and bright.

Apart from this, positioning furniture through the house will also work to boost prenatal health during pregnancy. The home should be free of excessive clutter and furniture, which is considered unstable, especially in and around the bed for the pregnant woman. 

The colours, which promote and encourage a healthy pregnancy, commonly recommended are shades of pink, red, green, indigo and light blue. Green, however, has a very special significance from 
the feng Shui perspective. It signifies growth, rebirth, and fertility and it was the colour of the heavens in the Ming Dynasty.

Chromotherapy believes that when one sleeps on a pea-green pillow, it delays baldness and green is considered the best colour for pregnant women. Feng shui also prescribes use of power beads like Green onyx, which empowers the wearer with confidence.

Oriental beliefs and Feng Shui recommends not to:

*Change the position of the bed during pregnancy to avoid disturbing the chi energy.
* Move homes or change rooms or carry out home renovation or 
construction during pregnancy. 
*Lastly, sound energy assists in calming the nerves of the mother and unborn child. Good soothing music helps in relieving tension and it is said that a wonderful musical taste is formed in the baby to be born.  

(The writer is an accredited Master Feng Shui Consultant, Bio-energetician and Traditional Vaastu Practitioner)