Decor trends: Keep your home warm and bright with tips from Prachi Laud of Light Doctor

Prachi Laud, Founding partner & CEO, Light Doctor, shows you how to keep your home warm and bright this winter

author_img Farah Khatoon Published :  09th January 2020 02:26 PM   |   Published :   |  09th January 2020 02:26 PM

Lighting trends by Light Doctor

Lights are an important aspect of home decor and it is during the winter season that you need to know how to make the right use of lights to ward off gloom from dark and damp corners. Keeping your home warm and happy before spring comes back, is key to chase away the dreaded winter blues. Prachi Laud, Founding partner & CEO, Light Doctor, here talks about three different types of indoor lighting and gives out some tips as well.  

One of the most common lighting mistakes people make is assuming that one type of lighting, especially the typical downlights will suffice while putting a room together. Lighting works best when it’s used in layers. There are three main types of indoor lighting to consider and, ideally, each room will include all of them. They are:

• Ambient: Also known as general lighting, ambient light fills most of the room and allows you to move around safely. It usually comes from recessed lightingor wall-mounted fixtures.

• Accent: Accent lighting is used to highlight a focal point, such as a piece of wall art. Picture lights, decorative wall-mounted-fixtures are common, and dimmers are often used on these features to provide mood lighting.

• Task: As the name suggests, task lights are used to assist you in completing a function. This could be anything from desk lamps to pendant lights that hang over a kitchen island.

Here are a few simple interior lighting design tips that you can start implementing today:

Warm up: During the winter, you’re going to increase usage of your overall lighting system to make up for lost daylight hours. Combination of the table and floor lamps throughout your home could be helpful, and replace colder coloured LED bulbs with warmer colour, with more energy-efficient ones.

Brighten dark places: Brightening up dark places and niches with floor lamps or lanterns is a brilliant way to push away any gloom, especially throughout the shortest days of winter.

Add some table Lamp: Table lamps can add warmth and cosy glow at your home, plus it’s easy to switch around so that you can easily brighten up gloomy areas in your room.

Invest in task lighting: During winter, task lighting like reading lamps, floor lamps, under cabinet lights are your best friends. Install them specially in your home at various locations so that you can enjoy reading in your bedroom or working in kitchen.

Enhance the lighting of your dining room: It’s a good idea to light up your dining area with decorative light fixtures like hanging lights or chandeliers along with some table lamps or candelabra on the sideboard to light your dinner with such a warm glow.