Interior trends 2020: Bold textures and vintage lighting, suggests designer Krish Kothari

Keep your interiors in tune with the latest trends by Krish Kothari
Follow the trends
Follow the trends

Why just keep yourself updated with the latest fashion trends when you can also add to your home sweet home’s interiors? Krish Kothari, 26, Creative Head and Founder of Krish Kothari Designs, who excels at making your home sharp and edgy, while ensuring your guests leave with envy at his ‘Ultra Contemporary’ design palate, lists some must-apply trends this year.

Marble is Big: From floors to walls and furniture use of marble is making a stylish comeback. It adds a chic touch into any space especially when combined with other modern materials. Despite the hard exterior, if incorporated well in the interior, it can actually make it feel warm and more welcoming.

Embrace Bold Texture: If you are thinking about upgrading your home or office, or building a new one, you should consider using metal inlays in walls. They offer a multitude of design and can be moulded into a wide array of patterns to look ultra-modern or vintage.  

A Mix of Masculine and Feminine: In furnishings too, permutations and combinations are being experimented with. Furnishing in suede and nubuck leather are much desired: not only are they easy to maintain and clean they also provide an elegant, refined and stylish look.  

Modern Vintage Lighting: Lighting is a central aspect to make your interiors appealing, you can simply manipulate or accentuate your home’s atmosphere, just by how you position the lighting fixtures. When it comes to modern lighting trends for your home, one should consider FLOS lighting to boast an Art Deco-inspired silhouette. Installing flos lights also gives your interiors a spacious and decorative look.

Home Automation: Modern technology allows the ease of controlling the lights and devises remotely. Incorporating home automation technology into your home design plan provide much-needed comfort. All controls can be easily adjusted to create an ideal ambience with minimal time and effort.

Sustainable Kitchen: Modular kitchens in stainless steel, can be easily combined with other material to provide an interesting visual contrast. They are modern, bold and can be used for many years to come.

Versatile Accessories: A cowhide rug provides a preference for a simple yet modern way of living. Cowhide rugs are appealing for their unique combination of shapes, colors, sizes and add a perfect touch of natural beauty into living space.

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