Coimbatore-based Swaas, is known for sustainable eco-friendly products

Swaas, a Coimbatore-based design-centric home furnishing brand, is known for its eco-friendly products and focus on sustainability

author_img Romal Laisram Published :  07th May 2021 01:08 PM   |   Published :   |  07th May 2021 01:08 PM

Antimicrobial 100% cotton linear floral bedsheet set from Swaas

What strikes you first about this brand is the honesty to their cause. Their eco-friendly products are delivered to you packed in eco-friendly packaging, made from the scrap material left over from the making of your product.

They use only 100 per cent pure cotton, which is porous, making it absorbent and comfortable and good for you and they only use renewable energy generating up to 40 per cent of their own power requirements.

They also recycle and reuse 95 per cent of the water they consume and are constantly trying to be more sustainable as a brand. “Swaas was born out of the thought process of bringing international trends and functionalities into Indian homes and lifestyle spaces. Fully aware of the potential of the growing demand for international design trends with quality standards, Swaas was started in 2012 as a home enhancement brand to cater to the Indian market. The brand focuses on eco-friendly sustainable products made by a self-reliant, women workforce that seeks to lend quality and sustainability to daily living,” explains Dr Sudha Anand, founder, Swaas.

Women’s empowerment is central to the idea of Swaas. Their workforce is 85 per cent women personifying their motto: led by women, made by women, for women! The brand, known for its bed linen, has recently expanded its catalogue to include more lifestyle products.

“We have added new products like beeswax candles, cotton totes, mesh bags, bamboo tableware and towels recently — as homes are increasingly becoming spaces where comfort, lifestyle and sustainability play a combined role in enhancing the quality of life. Our commitment to creating eco-friendly products, however, still continues to be our focus,” adds Sudha.

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