Here are some Vastu secrets for vitality:

Vastu gives guidelines of how the building should be designed to harness all the beneficial energies of different directions and avoid the malefic energies corresponding directions

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Image used for representational purpose

Here’s a simple ritual that you can perform to tap the positive energies of the environment:

Most of us have experienced, some time or the other in our lives, the feeling of creepiness, spookiness or aversion when visiting a certain building. Correspondingly, we feel elated, peaceful and happy when visiting certain other places. Why is that so? Is it due to the décor? Is it because the building is new? When you get that feeling—good or bad—more often than not you will not be able to determine why you have that feeling. The reason is these energies are so subtle that they are beyond the perception of the five senses. Nevertheless, they have a deep-rooted effect on our mental, emotional and vitality levels and through these at physical levels. 

The ancient science of dwelling—Vastu—describes the effect of subtle energies of the environment on humans. Hence, it gives detailed guidelines of how the building should be designed to harness all the beneficial energies of different directions and avoid the malefic energies corresponding directions. The famous quote of Winston Churchill while inaugurating the new parliament in Britain, “We shape our building thereafter they shape us”, though said in a different context, aptly describes the power of Vastu energies on human lives. 

There are three sources of these subtle energies—earth energies, the energy of the structural space, and energies of the cosmos—and all these three can be positive or negative depending on the Vastu defects present in a space. These energies have a direct effect on the serotonin levels in the brain and body. Serotonin is the hormone responsible for our mood and happiness. When your serotonin levels are at a normal level, you feel more focused, emotionally stable, happier, and calmer. When the serotonin levels are low in the body, the person experiences anxiety, stress and depression. Some people with low serotonin may also experience irregular sleeping patterns or indigestion.

We know that stress can cause disease; in fact, several lifestyle diseases like hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, spondylosis and increased cholesterol levels in the blood are attributed to stress. Moreover, stress also lowers the immune function of the body. There are three ways to balance the serotonin levels in your body: the first is to take prescription serotonin tablets, which have their own side effects and can be addictive, and should never be taken without proper medical advice. The second method is to use mindfulness meditation to improve your mood, but the third and the easiest of them is to align and harmonise your homes as per the principles of Vastu. It is something like this: if the plant isn’t well, will you inject it with chemicals or shift it to a location where it gets better sunlight and water?

It makes total sense to set up our environment, where we are spending most of our time—home and/or office—in a way that we are not always stressed or struggling with life. When you are surrounded by positive energies, your body generates a balanced amount of serotonin which reduces stress and makes you happier. This is because we’re in constant energy exchange with the environment on emotional, mental, vital and spiritual levels.

Researchers in Europe and Northern Middle Eastern countries have analysed and found that one of the reasons we experience stress is the linear perception of time. With our left-brained focus, we consider time to be linear-progressing. Our ancestors perceived time to be cyclical from sunrise to sunrise the next day. At the subconscious level, this shift is important as the cycle denotes that if there is unhappiness, happiness is bound to follow and also the concept of continuity. When you perceive time as linear the subconscious message is that time is lost while when you perceive it as cyclical, then time is repetitive and it is a continuous cycle. This shift is enough to reduce stress.

Though most of the Vastu corrections may require a proper consultation by an expert, here is a simple ritual that you can perform to tap the positive energies of the environment. This ritual is based on the basic principle that if you create an energy quality at the start of a cycle, it carries through the whole cycle. The main door of your home or office is your main energy key. When you enter your home and if you say a blessing or a mantra, or just imagine a white light, if you see it as you walk through the door with your right foot first that will project in the whole space. The right foot forward has a type of projection effect, it’ll project in the whole space. So if you have everybody do that—all members of the family or all staff members of the office—as they walk into the space, it will clear it automatically. And so after that, what you can do at the end of the session is have everybody clap. So clapping will actually clear the space when everybody’s done while they’re there.

Vastu researchers have decoded its tenets and have created cures for Vastu defects which are based on colours, shapes, angles, and numerals. The natural function of the energy tools is to provide balance or centering to the different energy qualities or effects within any living system. By replicating and amplifying the positive energy quality, you will, in essence, create an anchor that will hold all energy qualities around in perfect harmony. 

The author is a well-known Vastu and geopathic stress corrections consultant, and astrologer