Contentment @ containers?

Shipping containers, used to ferry cargo, are increasingly becoming popular with architects

author_img Steni Simon Published :  23rd September 2022 09:21 AM   |   Published :   |  23rd September 2022 09:21 AM
Compact house

Compact house

A house in Irinjalakuda, Thrissur, has been grabbing eyeballs with its unique design and shape. Designed in just 322 sq.ft, the compact house consists of a single bed space, a study area, kitchen, storage space and a bathroom. Complete with a thatched roof, which gives it a rustic charm, this, however, is not your usual concrete home. 

Built by architect duo Amal Sudharman and Kiran Cherakulam of Walls N Voids, the house has been made out of a shipping container. A shipping container about 20ft-long and 8ft-tall was transformed into a house, with an additional sit out created by installing three pillars in the front. “The space has been utilised properly,” says Amal. 

“Praji, the owner of the house    wanted a stylish, yet sustainable vacation home where two persons could comfortably live. Since they didn’t have many requirements regarding the space, we thought of using the container concept to suit the demands of the client.”  Shipping containers, used to ferry cargo, are increasingly becoming popular with architects. Due to their modular shape and structure, architects are turning to these containers to create a range of buildings – from houses to restaurants. 

The container house in Irinjalakuda has solar panels installed just above the roof of the sit-out, which serve as the main source of electricity. However, with the overall increase in temperatures, one is sure to ponder about the practicality of these container homes. 

“A lot of care has gone into the building of this house. We have given a three-layered roof. After installing a regular GI truss roof, a layer of heat insulation panel was fixed over it, followed by the thatched roof,” explains Amal. 

“The container is entirely insulated with rock wool which resists heat. Fibre cement boards have been used to make the walls. The three-layered protection maintains the temperature inside the house even when it is hot outside. Terracotta tiles have been used for the flooring.”  

One of the main challenges is the procurement of the shipping containers. Difficulty in transportation is a factor, points out Amal. “The container house was completed at a cost of `6.5 lakh. However, it is not ideal for residential houses since there are space constraints,” he says.