New Google mobile feature has Priyanka answering questions selfie-style

When you Google "How to get hair like Priyanka Chopra" on your phone, you can now get a personal video response from the actress herself

author_img Team Indulge Published :  08th December 2017 02:47 PM   |   Published :   |  08th December 2017 02:47 PM

Google has introduced a new mobile feature where celebrities can directly answer the most popular questions about them on the internet with short, selfie-style videos. Celebrities like Priyanka Chopra, Will Ferrell, and Tracee Ellis Ross have already contributed answers, and Google said in a blog post that there will soon be more to come. 

For example, if a fan Googles the question "How many languages does Priyanka Chopra speak?" a video pops up in the search results where she answers the question with her own personal touch. 

The feature takes mainly the most searched questions on Google, but there are some other, quirkier questions like a question asking Will Ferrell to tell his best dad joke. To see for yourself, try Googling "What's Gina Rodriguez's pet peeve?" on your mobile and see what you find.