Five ways to keep a check on your weight this festive season

These weight loss tips might come handy before you give in to the temptation of the festivities

author_img   |   Published :   |  22nd October 2019 06:37 PM


Our diet plan is still not in order after the five days of ‘don’t-care-about-calories’ mantra during the Durga Puja. And it’s not easy to get away from the temptation of another round of feasting on Diwali and Kali Puja. We have Dietitian Shampa Banerjee Senior Dietitian YANA Diet Clinic charting out ways to keep a check on your weight. Include it in your diet and keep shining.

Be friends with cinnamon:

Take a glassful of water, add ½ tsp of cinnamon powder, mix well and drink on an empty stomach. This one simple addition to your daily routine will improve your metabolism, regulate insulin levels, reverse signs of sun and environmental damage on the skin (owing to its amazing antioxidant properties), increase blood flow and circulation, multiply the cellular turnover and repair the skin. Need I say more? Phew!

Make room for some green on the plate:

Fresh vegetables and fruits are integral parts of a wholesome diet. The benefits they offer cannot be substituted. Every vital vitamin and imperative mineral necessary for being in the prime of health and best of shape are present in these wonder foods. You must consume at least 4-5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Not to forget, Vitamin C-rich fruits work like magic for your skin. So, include either Guava, Amla, or Mausambi in your daily diet - without fail.  

Protein makes the day:  

Include loads of fish, egg, curd and pulses in your diet. Correctly considered as a key player, protein-rich food balances those hormones in our body which are directly related to weight reduction. Protein consumption gives a sense of satiety after eating. As your meal cravings go down, you lose the flab on the go. So before festivities, increase your protein intake. Include at least 4-5 eggs, 5-6 servings of fish and lean meat to your weekly diet.

Go nuts for nuts:

Be it almonds or walnuts or peanuts. Nuts are ubiquitous sources of healthy fat and you must include at least one serving of nuts in your daily diet (5-6 nos). These healthful bites are also rich sources of Vitamin E which is good for skin and hair.

Water is elixir: 

Last but not at all the least- drink loads of water.  The benefits of water in our daily life cannot be emphasised enough. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water keeps you hydrated, curbs your cravings and interestingly- helps you lose those extra kgs of weight! Unarguably, water is the answer to weight loss.