Celebrity trainer Shivoham shares some tips to workout at home

Celebrity trainer Shivoham talks about working out at home, when it’s pouring outside

author_img   |   Published :   |  06th September 2019 08:03 PM


IS THE RAIN playing spoilsport by interrupting your gym routine? Fret not, for we have roped in Mumbai-based celebrity trainer Shivoham to help you stay you on track. The trainer, who has worked with actors like Aamir Khan for his muscular look in Dhoom 3 and Sonakshi Sinha in Dabangg, has some easy hacks for working out at home, without the usual gym paraphernalia.

Bollywood’s favourite cross-fit trainer who has also trained Jacqueline Fernandes and Ranveer Singh, tells us that, “You can practice the exercises below in different permutations and combinations to get the most of your workouts. It is also very important for you to have a balanced eating plan while you engage in these strenuous exercises to avoid fatigue or overt exertion to your body.”

Squat it right
Squats and lunges are the two most ef fective lower body exercises for strengthening and toning of the thighs, hamstrings and glutes. Squats and lunges can be done in numerous ways to get rid of monotonous training routines, like jump squats and one-legged squats.

High on cardio
Both jumping jacks and high knees movements are very good cardio choices to add into your daily routine or even just by themselves, as a war m up exercise, for every day. These exercises engage your core and strengthen the muscles in your legs, improving coordination and flexibility and getting your heart rate up. If you have a history of joint issues or muscle injuries, consult a doctor before beginning this routine.

Push-up your stamina
Push-ups are one of the best and most ef fective upper body strengthening and toning exercises for the arms, chest and shoulders. These can be done in a lot of different ways to make your workouts more fun and challenging. Once you have mastered the standard push-up, you can try more challenging styles like one-armed push-up, knuckle push-up, clap push-up or an elevated push-up.

Burn it with burpees
Burpees are a complete body exercise. They work not only on strength but also on the cardio and endurance of the body. Burpees help you to burn fat and to rev up your metabolism. They are your best option to get in shape quickly whether you are training for a marathon, hiking or just to look good!

To the core
You can have a complete core workout with sit-ups, V-Ups, planks and leg raises. These exercises involve your abdominal muscles and work on your core. They are a great option for a good posture as well as to help you get those six-pack abs and flat mid-section you have always wanted. You can follow his fitness mantra on Tata Sky Fitness.