7 must-have equipment to chase your fitness goals at home

Staying fit doesn't require expensive equipment. Just these few would help you achieve your fitness goal 

author_img   |   Published :   |  20th August 2020 09:21 PM

Yoga Mat

Staying fit is not an option anymore. It’s most important now as we are mainly restricted to our homes and our movement has been restricted due to the lockdown and the pandemic. We are sure your timeline is inundated with friends and family and celebs taking up fitness challenges. And if you wish to join the pack then here’s is the guide to the essentials you need to start chasing your goal.   

Yoga Mat

The first thing’s first is a Yoga Mat. While working out, it is extremely important to have a mat on the surface so we don’t end up injuring oneself. It is beneficial to find a mat that can be good for your practice and it is advisable to have environment-friendly yoga mats, in order to obstruct any kind of toxins from entering our body. 


Can’t hit the gyms? Get hold of some dumbbells. This equipment is extremely effective for everyone who wants to shed some fats from their arms.

GoRun Shoes

Shoes play an important part in fitness. Whether it is going for a jog or running on the treadmill at home, good shoe aids in your fitness goal. Choose a comfortable pair like Skechers Go Run 7 which is lightweight and Hyper Burst midsole technology.

Weighing scale

Mapping your progress is part of the bigger goal. Weighing scale helps you to record your weight goal journey by providing accurate data. It is advisable to weigh oneself before and after every week of starting a diet program to check your real progress. There are various types of weighing scale right from analogue weighing scale to digital which helps one to track BM, BMR, etc.

Skipping Rope

Skipped around the rope in childhood? Get your ropes out and start skipping. We all need that intense cardio to lose extra fat from the body, but for most of us it is difficult to get these heavy machines at home and that is why we need to find better alternatives. Skipping has proven to be beneficial for bones strength, legs, agility, weight loss, etc. Due to its full-body engagement quality it is one of the best cardio to perform while being indoors.