Check out the latest range of Skinkraft’s customised hair care products

Launched in 2018, Skinkraft offers over 200,000 customers with its range of customised skincare products.

author_img H Prasad Published :  21st January 2020 07:55 PM   |   Published :   |  21st January 2020 07:55 PM

Skinkraft's haircare range

Skinkraft has announced the launch of its customised hair care range today. With this launch, the company aims to meet the increasing demand for precise and effective hair care solutions in the market.

The products are formulated with 18-MEA, a primary lipid that gives hair its natural hydrophobicity. Chaitanya Nallan, co-founder and CEO of SkinKraft, said, “The nature of hair, like facial skin, is very unique and every individual has specific needs. The scalp can range from oily to dry, hair fibre thickness can vary from thin to thick and some desire volume, some conditioning while others need dandruff control. The damage levels of cuticle and cortex vary across individuals requiring different levels of damage repair. This variance mandates customization of ingredients in shampoos and conditioners.”

Launched in 2018, Skinkraft’s new hair care range is designed to provide customisation through a process that begins with understanding the hair characteristics and needs through the dermatologically verified hair questionnaire. The range will provide solutions according to user hair requirements and goals, like anti-frizz, shine, volume, colour protection and more. Customers can also customise the colour and fragrance of their shampoo and conditioner.