Here’s why you should take fitness trainer Pranit Shilimkar’s 37 Day Challenge

The 37dayschallenge is basically a complete guide to all components of fitness

author_img   |   Published :   |  08th June 2021 04:09 PM

Pranit Shilimkar

Fitness trainer Pranit Shilimkar who is known for transforming bodies asserts that his main focus is on transforming lifestyles. And through his 37 Day challenge, the entrepreneur is on a mission to reverse the journey of bad habits and an inactive lifestyle in just 37 days. A digital content creator and founder of Fitnesstalks, Pranit is well known and loved by many popular names in the industry like Swara Bhaskar, Swapnil Joshi and Sonali Kulkarni to name a few. Here he tells us more about the challenge in detail and shares his fitness routine. Excerpts:

The 37dayschallenge sounds interesting. Tell us about it in detail.

The 37dayschallenge is basically a complete guide to all components of fitness and proper mentoring and motivation for anyone to adopt a fit lifestyle. We provide all-time online assistance for nutrition-related doubts. Our online held workout sessions are complementary to the intensity matched by the individual. The more invested they are in this challenge, the better end results. We also provide additional help with recipes and videos that guide them better in maintaining this lifestyle. All of our coaches are always available for solving queries and helping individuals to cross hurdles in their fitness journey.

How would you rate it in terms of the difficulty scale?

The 37dayschallenge is a steep challenge not just because of the lifestyle changes but because it’s a reversing journey of bad habits and an inactive lifestyle in 37 days. These habits have shaped our lifestyle for a long time, so such a big change can be challenging. However, visible changes can be seen very early in this challenge, but reaching the desired fitness level depends on each individual’s commitment and patience. On a scale of 10, I would rate the difficulty level as 7, however, consistency gradually starts giving tremendous results which motivate individuals to push harder.

How important is a diet in this challenge?

Diet/following correct nutrition is the most important part of this challenge. In order to change the body composition, it’s important to change the components that have made this body composition. Correct fuel is very important for high performance. Hence following and understanding correct nutrition is very important in 37dayschallenge.

You are known for transforming people's body. Any interesting person/celeb you have transformed?

Unfortunately, I’m known for transforming bodies but my main focus is on transforming lifestyles. When there’s a lifestyle transformation, body transformation is a direct product of it, however, that’s not my priority. Coming back to the question, a few people who have impressed me the most are – Swapnil Joshi and Sonali Kulkarni from the Marathi film industry. Along with Swara Bhaskar, Komal Pandey and Ankush Bahuguna have all had tremendous transformations.

A celeb's body that you admire?

Vidyut Jamwal, Tiger Shroff, and Virat Kohli. I really admire them because their aim is to not just look fit, but to be fit and perform their best at a high level.

What is your workout schedule like?

I usually follow the Legs-push-pull routine. So, Monday & Tuesday: Legs, Calves, Hamstring; Wednesday: Chest, Thursday: Shoulders, Triceps, and Cardio, Friday: Back; Saturday: Biceps, Abs, and Cardio.