Of rehab hotels, sleep patches and medical spas

After Covid struck, rooms are being reserved even six months in advance in many medi-spas

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Just spas are not enough. Not any more. Nor are the usual meditation classes and Ayurvedic massage sessions. The pandemic has put the fear of the virus in all travellers. The hospitality industry being one of the most adaptable, many luxury hotels have had a brainwave—why not combine medicine with a $2,000 suite a day? Five-star hotels in the US and Europe have partnered with cutting-edge wellness clinics to teach guests how to drift away with a sleep inhalation aromatherapy patch; A month ago, on Global Wellness Day, June 11, the US chain Auberge Resorts launched Better Sleep, a “science-backed” sleep programme, to set the trend rolling. Not surprising because the global wellness tourism market size is expected to reach US $1.02 trillion by 2030, according to a new report by Grand View Research, a US-based research agency. 

Guests are made to relax with soothing mists made by the bio-scientists on site. The Four Seasons Hotel in Westlake Village, LA is where millionaires with an itch for 24/7 therapy go. Or for rehab. Or to enjoy customised professional health care with room service. The Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea, Hawaii has a Next Health centre where hypochondriacs get a range of IV drips to choose from as well as Ozone therapy, exosomes and stem cell treatments. The 45-minute ozone treatment there is meant to boost the body’s immune system and energy levels by infusing blood with oxygen.

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Guests can choose stem-cell therapy which costs $12,000 per session and uses cells taken from the umbilical cord blood. The hotel will soon have facilities with biomarker testing that scans thousands of genes, proteins and other indicators of the body’s health and even detect or predict disease. There are hotels where experts curate the holiday in advance by deciding which restaurant is the best place to eat at during what time.

At the new Lanserhof medi-spa on Sylt, an island in North Germany, the boss is a certified cardiologist. Among the wellness-seeking, well-heeled guests seeking pricey medicine fixes are patients with long Covid. The resort’s top health programme is the Mayr Cure, where you are taught to chew properly—good digestion is the key to long life. The company has ordered MRI machines and CT scanners. At night the sensors in the bedroom lighting automatically adjust the brightness to enhance the biorhythms of guests. Want luxurious blood tests? Get a reservation at Ranch Malibu’s Palazzo Fiuggi near Rome.

It employs eight physicians on call on-site, ready to do your medical diagnostics. After Covid struck, rooms are being reserved even six months in advance in many medi-spas. The Peninsula New York which has started its Life Lived Best initiative in all of its 10 luxury properties across the world offers plant-based cooking classes too. Call room service to get a taste of your own medicine.

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