I have a six step night regime for skin: Bhagya Lakshmi’s Akash Choudhary

Few actors ever accept that they look after their skin, but Splitsvilla 10 famed Akash Choudhary is admittedly quite proud of his body care routine

Romal Laisram Published :  11th September 2022 12:37 AM   |   Published :   |  11th September 2022 12:37 AM
Akash Choudhary

Akash Choudhary

We remember him most for his participation in Splitsvilla 10, but more recently Akash Choudhary was seen in the popular role of Viraj Singhania in the show Bhagya Lakshmi on Zee TV. Known for his obsession with fitness and skin care, we catch up with the actor who is keen on doing a reality show, next to talk body care and more.

What is your skin care routine?
I really invest time when it comes to skin care. Many won’t believe it, but I have a six step night regime for skin which includes hyaluronic serum, exfoliants, retinol, eye cream and night cream. For the day, I make sure I wear sunscreen as that’s a must along with mineral powder which keeps my skin oil free and fresh.

What about your hair care routine?
I believe in keeping it minimal and I make sure I don’t damage my hair, so, for that I use a heat protecting serum before styling it and wax to set them — that’s all. Hair spray is big no for me as most of the sprays are carcinogenic and are not good for your health. Oiling my hair once a week also helps.

Akash Choudhary
Akash Choudhary


How do you stay fit? What is your exercise routine?
Lot of people think that I live in a gym but that’s not true. My mantra of fitness is not to look good but to stay fit. A four days a week workout, I feel is enough to keep you healthy and in shape. I really don’t go too hard on myself. I also ensure my body gets enough rest to recover amid tight work schedules.

Do you follow a certain diet? How does your diet help you stay in shape?
I am an ectomorph and I follow a flexible diet — I eat everything, but in small portions. It really helps me to maintain my body. Nowadays, I think we call it a calorie deficit diet.

Who would you like to work with in the future?
If I ever enter the world of movies I would love to work with Kiara Advani or Shraddha Kapoor. They are beautiful and effortless and have come a long way in their respective careers. I think I would make a great pair with either of them.