Prosthodontist Moon Chattaraj is changing the scape of dentistry in the city

We try to know from the young prosthodontist what it takes to bring that perfect smile to her patients’ faces.

Sharmistha Ghosal Published :  03rd March 2023 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  03rd March 2023 12:00 AM
Moon Chattaraj

Moon Chattaraj

They say you can win the world with your smile and that’s exactly what Dr Moon Chattaraj is enabling people to do. A prosthodontist by profession, Moon has always wanted to build her own setup that had the best infrastructure. Kolkata’s medical day care facility centre AM Medical Centre which treats a plethora of medical issues including dental, eye, skin, and general medicine among others, has a state-of-the-art dental studio supported by its own dental lab where the ancillaries are designed and engineered to perfection.

We try to know from the young prosthodontist what it takes to bring that perfect smile to her patients’ faces.

How has Dental Cosmetology evolved over the years and how difficult or challenging is it as a female prosthodontist?

We have witnessed a great evolution in dentistry. From dentures to bridges and implants, we have come a long way. Nowadays, everyone is eager to look their best and present themselves in the best manner possible. Hence, even people are more aware of the way they look and want to be presentable besides being healthy.

Being a female prosthodontist has been a roller-coaster ride, especially in such a male-dominated environment. But in my opinion, women have a better aesthetics sense than their male counterparts. I would like to further add that one should have an artistic mind to deliver in the cosmetic dentistry.

What are the lessons you have learned?

In my long years of practice in dentistry, I have learnt that the number of patients treated isn’t important, rather the quality of care is the most important.

How easy or difficult it is to work in this field?

In today’s world, and with the growing competition, we need to constantly update ourselves with knowledge as well as the use of the latest technology and equipment. But at the same time, I have never felt the need to compete with others, in fact, I compete with myself and that reflects on my journey. If you constantly update my knowledge and skill sets, there’s no need to worry about the rest.

Are there any extra obstacles that you face as a woman?

Growing up, I never faced gender bias at home. Over the years I felt that hard work always gets appreciated and my gender is irrelevant. I feel, being a woman, I have an advantage since women patients are more comfortable with me while my male patients have told me that I care of them like a mother during treatment.

Your future plans?

I want to open many more Day Care Centres where surgical procedures are completed and the patient can be discharged to go home without spending additional resources and time and to provide the best care and services to all.

What inspires you?

Whenever I see people leave my clinic smiling and happy, it gives me a kick to continue doing good work.