Use preservative-free aloe vera gel after wash: How to care for your post-Holi hair

Make sure you are oiling your tresses and tying them in a braid before playing Holi
Priyanka Chopra’s Holi celebration
Priyanka Chopra’s Holi celebration

As thrilling as it is to play pranks on Holi and throw the easy target from the friends’ group into the paddle pool, the festival wreaks havoc on one’s skin and hair. The colours settle on the skin and also on the scalp.

Plus, the constant splash of water is a disaster waiting to unfold if your tresses are dry and get tangled easily. On top of it, if you struggle with scalp build-up, you are most likely to spend your week after Holi with greasy and fizzy hair.

All this, when put together, really makes you wonder whether this festival of colour is festive enough to put your hair at risk. Now if you ask the author, it is totally worth it if you practice a healthy hair routine prior to, post, and during Holi.

While speaking to Chethan from the R&D Department at Secret Haircare, we figured we could reduce the damage significantly by oiling our hair.

“Use an oil that has natural ingredients to protect your hair and is chemical-free, to ensure the least possible product build-up, while enriching it at the same time. We strongly recommend applying some oil to your skin as well, further avoiding any stubborn stains,” he says.

He further adds that for extra caution we could cover our air with a scarf preferably in satin or silk fabric so it does not cause any breakage. Also, playing Holi with organic colours is a given here.

As per Chethan, “By opting for natural colours, you can be kinder to your hair and skin, as well as the environment. These natural colours are usually 100% organic, chemical-free, and safe to use for everyone.”

He also listed some post-haircare practices that you can swear by to wash your gulaal-smeared tresses. Chethan says that you should wash off all the colours from your air with lukewarm water first.

Follow that up by lathering a mild shampoo and conclude the process by applying an aloe vera or mango butter-based conditioner. During the wash, make sure you are not scrubbing your scalp excessively.

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