Tips to work through a mental block

A mental block prevents an individual from thinking out of the box, feeling discontentment with day-to-day work, and feeling unsatisfied with life on the whole….
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Have you ever noticed yourself making errors in tasks that you have mastered, finding yourself putting off the difficult tasks for the next day, and feeling like your creative juices have significantly reduced their flow? You might be experiencing a mental block! Much like writer’s block, a mental block is an invisible psychological wall that prevents you from being productive, getting your work done, and reaching your full potential.

This might be a phenomenon that many have experienced but for a person with a creative job and an approaching deadline, this might prove to be disastrous. Here are a few tips and tricks that might help you to work through a mental block.

Breaking down tasks: When you feel overwhelmed with the number of things that you need to do, it is easier to get lost in the cyclone of thoughts and end up not doing anything. Breaking down the tasks and taking it one step at a time can help to tackle the anxiety and overcome the mental block. Focus on the task at hand and don’t let your mind wander on the tasks which are yet to be done.

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Change of location: Each person has their way of working and no one way fits all. Maybe a change of scenery, a fresh breath of air, and a little touch of nature can help you clear your mind and get rid of the brain fog.

Declutter your desk: The outside clutter might also lead to inside clutter. An organised desk helps you to organise your mind too helping you to work through the tasks without distractions. A cluttered mind can make it difficult to get into a productive mind frame and hence cause a mental block.

Ample preparation: When the mind works on insufficient data, there are more opportunities to get stuck leading to self-doubts and a dip in self-esteem. A mental block is more prone to occur when the mind believes that there is not enough information to work on and hence gets stuck. Ample preparation relaxes the mind, boosts confidence, and helps to work through a mental block.

Exercise and a nutritious diet: A healthy mind lives in a healthy body! Regular exercise and a balanced diet prove to be the solution to a major number of issues and a mental block is no exception.  Exercise always clears up the mind, regulates blood flow, and makes you feel fresh, while nutritious food provides the energy to do it.

Sufficient rest: Sometimes the most productive thing one can do is to rest! Burning the midnight oil may not always be the solution to get your work done. Sufficient sleep and breaks during the day can be a great way to organise your thoughts and clear your mind.

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A mental block is no great obstacle to overcome. So, the next time you face a mental block, don’t let yourself get lost in your thoughts. Just take a step back, take a deep breath, and get the work done one at a time.

Story by -S. Shruthi Darshini

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