Horoscope/Angel Calendar: Here is your weekly oracle guidance for June 14-20

This weekly column is based on angel oracle guidance and numbers
Horoscope/Angel Calendar: Here is your weekly oracle guidance for June 14-20

Get a jumpstart on your week ahead with our weekly column based on your angel oracle guidance and numbers.


Believe in yourself and take the leap of faith. There is hope and abundance awaiting. Do what gives you joy. A sudden revelation regarding a person or a situation will offer freedom. Break free of procrastination and embrace the opportunities that change brings. Joy through spiritual growth and meditation will be a blessing. Lucky colour: Mauve


You can manifest the life you want. This is the time for successful new beginnings. Divine guidance is important at this time; consider taking an alternative approach by surrounding yourself with wise teachers, gurus, and friends. This is the time to choose logic over emotions. The changes will be in your favour. Lucky colour: Royal blue


Believe in yourself and listen to your heart. Take the leap of faith and do what gives you joy. Your dreams and ambitious plans are going to be fulfilled only through hard work. You shall invest in materialistic gains as a gift to yourself. A new car or a piece of jewellery is a well-deserved gift. A great chance to do something amazing will arise. Success is guaranteed. Lucky colours: White and light pink


This is an ideal time for you to study, regroup, and revise. Knowledge gained at this time will be beneficial in the future. Don’t be a miser or an extreme spendthrift; monitor your finances regularly. Do not be resistant to change. A wise investment done at this time will get you good rewards in the future. Invest in gold, mutual funds, or bonds. Lucky colour: Yellow


With the blessings of your forefathers and angels, your determination and self-control are going to lead you to great career advancement. Acknowledgement of success by others is a bonus. This is a great time for your dreams to be manifested, to believe in yourself, and to believe in your judgment. Do not allow minor bumps to hinder your progress. Lucky colours: Magenta, turquoise blue


Nurture yourself and those you love with your advice. You have the ability to make anything more beautiful, and your advice is looked up to by everyone. However, you must stay away from other people’s drama. Follow your passion and face all challenges with pride. Very few people are blessed to have the opportunities for excitement, adventure, and social service. You are truly a blessed soul. Lucky colours: Rust, gold


You can resolve any challenge, provided you withdraw from the drama of others. Have patience with yourself and those around you, as these are tricky moments. Follow your passion, as you are now ready for any challenge. Excitement and adventure await. Knowledge gained at this time will be beneficial in the future. Lucky colour: Orange

8. LEO

Let the past be remembered only with good faith, and forgive those who have caused you grief. This is a great time for personal growth in your career and artistic endeavours. Working with others in a cooperative manner will bring you great success. Your ability to take charge of a situation will lead to stability. Your plans will be appreciated. Lucky colour: Purple


This is a very lucky week for you. Make a wish, and the universe will manifest it for you. Dreams are going to become reality. Your determination and selfcontrol are going to give you an edge over the others. An acknowledgement of success is an added bonus. For those planning to get married, this is going to be a beautiful phase. Lucky colour: Teal green


An excellent opportunity will be offered to you for the pursuit of education. This is a great time to study and enhance your knowledge. You have what it takes to be successful; your analytical skills and approach to work are going to get you success. For those in love, follow your heart. Trustworthy psychic information received at this time will be beneficial. Lucky colour: Sea green


Do not choose shortcuts over longer routes. For those who are choosing to gain success through illegal means and are going to be caught. Working alone may not be the best answer. Your life is an inspiration to many. Thrive through the power of positive thinking and spiritual beliefs. You will be able to manifest abundance and prosperity. A joyful time awaits. Lucky colour: Light green


Only through the power of prayers and manifestation shall overcome this new emotional situation. Messages regarding relationships or social invitations are the highlight of this week. On the work front, it is important for you to have balance. As long as you are making work fun, you will sail through. Lucky colours: Brown and light pink

Horoscope/Angel Calendar: Here is your weekly oracle guidance for June 14-20
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