We list down heritage Indian tea brands you can find from Darjeeling to Idukki

Here, you can pick from a variety of specialty tea such as high-quality black, green, and oolong orthodox tea
We list down heritage Indian tea brands you can find from Darjeeling to Idukki

In light of May 21, which is celebrated as International Tea Day, we dive into India’s rich history of tea production. India, known for its chai, caters to a wide variety of tea leaves which dates back to as early as the 1800’s. Here's a list of heritage tea brands you must check out on your next chai outing.

Ooty Chamaraj Tea Estate 

Established in 1922, the brand provides its consumers with Nilgiri’s finest tea specialising in high-quality black, green, and oolong orthodox tea. Korakundah is a type of organic tea they produce with leaves of the finest quality that is hand rolled. They also have signature tea blends with lemongrass and chocolate.

Munnar Kanan Devan Hills Plantation Company (P) Ltd

A subsidiary company of Finlay Muir & Co. Ltd. established in 1896 is now taken over by Tata. They are known for their Ripple White Tea which won the Global Tea Championship in 2019. Centring on loose-leaf tea, one can choose from a variety like classic, strong, green tea and many more. 

Idukki Pattumalay Heritage Tea Estate 

Planted across 232 hectares, it is one of the high-yielding orthodox tea estates. They have a tea factory that was built in 1857 which produces over 15000 kilograms a day, still following the British tradition and method for tea processing. For all the tea aficionados, plan a stay here to enjoy the plantations while sipping on their expertly crafted tea. 

We list down heritage Indian tea brands you can find from Darjeeling to Idukki
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Assam Assam Company Ltd.

Assam Company Ltd. (originally The Assam Tea Company) was founded in 1839, becoming the pioneers of tea estates and exporters in India. Continuing the heritage for over 200 years, this British establishment has its estates along the banks of the Brahmaputra River, the best-suited location for tea cultivation.

Halmari Tea Estate

Spread across 374 hectares , the Halmari Tea Estate from Assam, dates back to over 100 years producing the finest quality of tea worldwide. Infamous for their orthodox and CTC teas, the establishment has continued to dominate the tea auction in the country, and their top selling produce includes Halmari Gold Clonal, Gold Orthodox, CTC Blend alongside the classic black and green tea, promising a relishing experience and health benefits in a cup. 

Darjeeling Nathmulls

Traversing from the west to the east, the Nathmulls are illustrious tea traders of Darjeeling, who moved from Rajasthan to establish themselves in the tea industry, in 1933. As of today the brand stands synonymous with Darjeeling Tea and has several tea boutiques and stores in Darjeeling. These outlets are a haven for tea lovers who look forward to enticing themselves with unique teas like Thurbo, Mim , Gielle , Ringtong which are distinct variants of green, white and  black teas. 

(Written by Namitha Acharya and Sromona Mondal)

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