Hilsa recipes from Chef Bhaskar Dasgupta of Sonar Tori, Kolkata

Before the  Hilsa season ends, chef Bhaskar Dasgupta parts with two special Ilish recipes

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Sonar Tori restaurant at City Centre I, Salt Lake

Passionate about anything remotely connected with food, chef Bhaskar Dasgupta has always loved detailed lessons in culinary art. A hotel management graduate from IIAS School of Management, Kolkata, Dasgupta started his journey as a chef with Hotel Dynasty in Guwahati. Subsequently, he worked in Clarks Group of Hotel, Hotel Astor, Hotel Hindustan International before joining Specialty Restaurants as the chef-in-charge of Oh! Calcutta in Delhi.

Executive chef of Sonar Tori, Bhaskar Dasgupta

Currently, the executive chef at the newly opened fine diner Sonar Tori, at City Centre I Kolkata, Dasgupta has come up with Sonar Ilish, a festival celebrating the irresistible combination of Ilish and mustard paste in all its glory. The festival will be on till September 2, but for all those who won’t be able to have a taste of Ilish at the festival, they can try one of the two recipes that the chef shared with Indulge.

Lau Pata Ilish O Aam Tel Bhaate

Lau Pata Ilish O Aam Tel Bhaate

(One portion)


Hilsa darne: 100 gm

Bottle gourd leaves: 60 gm

Green chilli paste: 10 gm

Garlic paste: 5 gm

Mustard oil: 25 ml

Mustard paste: 15 gm

Coconut paste: 10 gm

Mango pickle: 10 ml

Chopped mango pickle: 10 gm

Turmeric powder: 3 gm

Salt: 5 gm


Apply salt and turmeric to the fish and keep aside for ten minutes. Apply salt to bottle gourd leaves and lay them flat on a plate and keep aside for ten minutes. Squeeze lightly and wash the salt off and soften the leaves. In a separate bowl mix all the other ingredients except the leaves to make a marinade. Marinate the fish in that for 20 minutes. Lay the leaves flat and place the fish with the marinade in the centre and wrap into a parcel. Place the parcel in a unpolished earthen pot and put it into steamer and cook for 25 minutes. Serve hot with steamed rice with pickled oil.

Ilish Borishali

Ilish Borishali

( 10 Portion)



Hilsa : 1 Kg

Mustard oil: 100 ml

Turmeric powder: 15 gm

Green chilli: 45 gm

Kalonji:   3 gm

Yoghurt:  30 gm

Mustard paste:  60 gm

Cashew nut paste: 1 kg

Coconut, ground into a paste: 350 gm

Green chilli paste:   10 gm

Salt: 15 gm


Marinate the fish in salt and a little turmeric powder and keep aside for an hour. Add half of the mustard paste to the coconut and cashew nut pastes, and then apply it on the fish. Heat 125 ml oil in a wok and add green chillies and kalonji. Add the remaining turmeric powder, green chilli paste and yoghurt. Cook for three minutes. Then add the remaining mustard paste along with a little water. Cover and cook for another five minutes. Add the fish and simmer for 10 minutes. Add 25 ml mustard oil and a whole green chilli. Cook for two minutes and serve warm.