This chef gives us his trade secrets for a perfectly juicy kebab

The Park Chennai's in-house kebab expert S K Mehraj shares his pro tips

Sonali Shenoy Published :  31st August 2018 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  31st August 2018 06:00 AM

Mutton Chowki Kebab

The Park Chennai’s in-house kebab expert, chef S K Mehraj, has over a decade of experience on how to get your meat just right. But his number one tip is one we don’t see coming. “Know your butcher,” he tells us in Hindi. “A good butcher will always give you juicy cuts, although the right amount of fat can also help in keeping the meat moist,” he shares. After two months of research for Aqua’s new menu — a feast of grills and kebabs, presented in an authentic sigree with live charcoal — we get a quick taster of one of their popular favourites. 


Chef S K Mehraj

(Portion size: 220 gms)

 • Lamb mince 180 gms
• Ginger 5 gms
• Coriander 3 gms
• Green chilli 3 gms
• Garlic 3 gms
• Processed cheese 5 gms
• Chilli powder 3 gms
• Coriander powder 3 gms
• Garam masala 3 gms
• Cumin powder 3 gms 
• Refined oil 5 ml
• Eggs - 2

• Boil eggs, peel and set aside.
• Mix lamb mince and spices.
• Coat the boiled eggs with the lamb mixture, wrap in aluminium foil.
• Cook in tandoor, cut in half and serve with mint chutney. | brightasunshine