Galawati Kebabs and Shahi Tukda: Recipes from Chef Mujeebur Rehman

Two special Awadhi recipes from Lucknow's celebrity chef Mujeebur Rehman

Sharmistha Ghosal Published :  15th July 2018 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  15th July 2018 12:00 AM

With the Awadhi Food Festival gathering steam in JW Marriott Kolkata,  the city's gastronomes are regaling their taste buds and gorging on some authentic Awadhi dishes. And the best part of it is that the festival is being curated by Master Chef Mujeebur Rehman from Lucknow, who has been enthralling a number of celebrities including cricketers Sachin Tendulkar and Irfan Pathan, actors Salman Khan and Shilpa Shetty, former President of India Pratibha Patel and industrialist Ratan Tata for the past 18 years. 

Indulge coaxed Rehman to part with the recipes for two most wanted Awadhi dishes --- Galawati kebabs and Shahi Tukda --- for its readers across the country, who have missed out on this opportunity. Now, take  printouts and rush to the grocers and then to kitchens.

Galawati Kebab

Galawati Kebab: Juicy, soft, shallow fried kebabs made with mutton paste using special Lucknawi spices. A famous kebab from the land of tehzeeb. A must try!


Minced lamb – 1 kg

Ginger-garlic paste – 20 gms

Salt to taste

Raw papaya paste – 30 gms

Roasted chana powder – 30 gms

Yellow chilli to taste

Sandalwood powder – 10 gms

Garam masala – 15 gms

Coconut powder – 20 gms

Kewra water – 25 ml

Ittar – 5 ml

Brown onion paste – 20 gms

Cloves (For Dungar - - 5

Method of preparation:

 Take lamb boti and finely mince it 4-5 times. Now, add rest of the ingredients in it along with raw papaya paste, ginger garlic paste, salt, kewra, yellow chilli, roasted chana powder, sandal wood powder, garam masala, coconut powder, and brown onion. After adding all the ingredients rub it well and dungar with cloves in ghee.

Put the hot plate on medium heat and gently cook small patties of the prepared mix. Cook both sides and serve hot.

Shahi Tukda

 Shahi Tukda: The dessert which takes the humble bread to sublime heights, lopped with saffron rich rabri, a garnish of badam, pistachio and chandiwarq



  Bread – 12 pieces

   Milk – 1 litre

  Saffron – 0.005 gms

  Kewra Water – 10 ml

  Ittar – 5 ml

  Khoya – 200 gms

  Sugar – 250 gms

  Almonds – 20 gms

Method of preparation:

Cut the bread in triangles, deep fry and keep aside. Boil milk and add kewra water, saffron water, ittar into the milk. Pour flavoured milk on fried breads and keep aside. Meanwhile, prepare khoya rabri. Take milk and reduce it to half and then add khoya and sugar to it. Arrange the fried bread soaked in flavoured milk on a serving dish and pour rabri on it. Chill and serve.