This Meen Moilee is so good, you won't want to share! 

Chef Ashok Eepan shares the recipe of a Kerala classic, ahead of the Kuttanadan Food Festival at The Residency Towers

Sonali Shenoy Published :  22nd June 2018 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  22nd June 2018 06:00 AM


From Kozhithengapal roast (chicken) to Chemeenkizhi (braised prawns), there are several reasons to save your appetite this weekend. The Residency Towers is kicking off their Kuttanadan Food Festival at Southern Aromas and we caught up with Executive Chef Ashok Eepan for some quick tips on Kerala cooking as his team gears up for the event. “First off,” he shares, “there is the extensive use of coconut and there are many ways to incorporate it besides coconut oil.” He cites the use of coconut milk for smoother gravies and coconut vinegar to ferment the rice batter in kallu appams. So of course, the ingredient features as a central element in this classic Kerala recipe that he takes us through — the much-loved Meen Moilee.




Chef Ashok Eepan





Snapper fish pieces -  8 | Coconut - 1 | Green chillies - 3 | Turmeric powder 5 gms | Ginger 20 gms | Garlic - 1 | Curry leaves - 2 sprigs | Coconut oil 20 ml | Salt to taste | Onion 100 gms | Tomatoes 50 gms                                                 
•  Marinate the fish with turmeric powder and salt.
•  Grate coconut, squeeze and extract milk, thick and thin extract separately.
•  Heat oil, add sliced onion, slit green chillies, sliced garlic, juliennes of ginger, and curry leaves and sauté, till the onions become soft. 
•  Add the second extract of milk and the fish.
•   When the fish is almost cooked, add the first extract of milk and quartered tomatoes.
•  Serve hot with appam or steamed rice.
The festival is on for lunch and dinner. It begins today. | @brightasunshine