Here's the secret to a good curry, and we love it!

Chef Lucky Singh takes us into the kitchen before he launches the Pind ka Khanna festival in Chennai

Sonali Shenoy Published :  29th June 2018 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  29th June 2018 06:00 AM


Chef Lucky Singh believes the secret to making a good curry is to ‘cook from the heart’. And we can’t help but nod our heads in agreement. The culinary expert in tandoor and Punjabi curries who is flying down from Mumbai to spearhead Courtyard by Marriott's Pind da Khana which starts today, says guests can expect dishes like the Sarsoon da Saag, Pindi Chole, Amritsari Lassi and a mouth-watering Moti Choor Ladoo ice cream. “These will be made with ingredients and spices obtained from various regions of Punjab,” he shares. Chef Lucky takes us into the kitchen with him as he whips up a no-excuses-rich Amritsari Murgh. 

Chef Lucky Singh

Amritsari Murgh
5 ½ pounds chicken | 4 tbsp oil

For the marinade
6 tbsp Ginger Garlic paste  | 5 tbsp Sour curd | 1 tbsp Lemon juice | 3 tsp Vinegar | 2 tbsp Coriander powder | Onion - 1 |  3 tbsp Red chilli powder |  1 tbsp Kashmiri chilli powder | 2 tbsp all Spices powder | 2 tsp salt

For the sauce
 4 tomatoes | 1 tsp Red chilli powder | 2 tbsp Coriander powder | 2 tsp Cumin seeds | 2 tsp Finely chopped ginger | 2 Whole green chillies, thinly sliced and divided |  1 tsp Sugar | 1 tsp Salt  | 2 tbsp Tomato paste  | 4 tbsp Fresh cream |  Fresh coriander, cilantro leaves to garnish.

Marinate the chicken (in the fridge) for two hours. | In a heavy-bottomed pan, add half of the oil, and cook the marinated chicken until tender. | For the sauce, blend the tomatoes to make the purée. In a pan, heat the remaining oil and add in the chilli powder, coriander powder, cumin seeds, ginger, half of the chopped green chillies, sugar and salt. Sauté well. Add in the tomato purée, tomato paste and fresh cream. Cook till the gravy thickens. |  Mix the gravy with the chicken and cool for 15-20 mins, with a little more cream. | Garnish with coriander leaves, the remaining thinly sliced chilli and fresh cream. | Serve hot with rumali rotis or rice.

Marination for two hours is enough, but doing this overnight makes the meat more tender and juicy, and brings out a better flavour.

The festival is on from June 29 to July 8. | @brightasunshine