Dessert recipe: This Berrymisu is a twist on the classic Tiramisu, and so easy to make!   

Use your favourite winter berries and enjoy

Sonali Shenoy Published :  03rd January 2020 03:50 PM   |   Published :   |  03rd January 2020 03:50 PM

Less coffee in 2020? If that’s your New Year resolution, this delightful twist on the classic Tiramisu serves up some inspiration. Executive chef Deva Kumar of Hyatt Regency took  us into his kitchen and showed us how to create this dessert with a few simple ingredients and seasonal berries.


Executive chef, Deva Kumar, Hyatt Regency Chennai




Organic Eggs –  5  | Castor sugar  100 gm | Mascarpone cheese – 1/2 kg  | Whipped cream – 100 gm | Raspberry purée – 60 ml (for soaking) | Fresh berries – 70 gm (garnish) | Lady finger (biscuits) – as required


●  Make sabayon with egg yolk and sugar, using double boiler method.

●  Then fold mascarpone cheese followed by whipped cream.

●  Add fresh berries in a glass, then fill up to the halway mark with the mixture.
●  Add lady finger soaked in raspberry purée.

●  Continue layering mixture and berries.

●  Once the glass is loaded to the brim, put it in a chiller till to set.

●  Garnish with fresh berries. | @brightasunshine