How couples can ace relationships without any complication

With Love School Season 3 just around the corner, the celebrity couple, Karan Kundrra and Anusha Dandekar give relationship advice.

‘Complicated’ as a relationship status is cool for social media posts, but in real life – it can be heartbreaking and can take a toll on anyone and everyone. With Love School Season 3 just around the corner, the celebrity couple, Karan Kundrra and Anusha Dandekar are all set to help couples fix their relationships and to gain clarity, if this is their #ForeverLove or is there anyone better for them?
Karan – Anusha share 5 simple rules to ace a relationship -
Find someone for the right reason
Today most people suffer from a serious amount of FOMO (fear of missing out)! We keep looking for the next best thing. Or we think if I could take that person's personality, this person's looks and have their romance...  That would make a perfect human for me! The truth is no one is perfect, everyone, including you have flaws. So, be with a person who makes you happy. It actually can't get simpler than that. Everything else then just falls into place because you are happy, you attract happiness and your relationship will be stronger than ever.!

Find a friend in your partner 
You may not have had the time to get to know each other as friends before you got into a relationship; the best thing is to become besties in the relationship. You want to be comfortable, to have fun, feel free, travel, experience new things, share your fears and excitement and most of all, be totally real with one another. That doesn't mean you cut off from your other friends, it's healthy to have both! Being able to communicate what you are thinking and understanding what your partner is feeling, is honestly the most magical part of a relationship.

Be yourself in the relationship
The key to a successful relationship is to be real. You shouldn't be afraid of expressing your emotions or thoughts, having an opinion or being different, maybe even opposites... of course saying what you feel lovingly is way more productive than screaming or shouting! A relationship is not only about staying true to your partner but also staying true to yourself.  Because If you don't love yourself, how will someone else?

Do not ever try to change your partner
What's the reason you feel in love with your partner in the first place? If you changed them they won't be that person anymore. Love is about compromise, acceptance  & appreciation. You may dislike 5 things about your partner but focus on the 20 things you do like and love. Stay positive because once you are in a negative spiral all things in the relationship start looking bad. A happy bond is making sure your partner and you take steps to embrace one another not the steps you take to change each other.

Respect each other’s priorities
Today’s fast-paced lifestyle has motivated everyone to work towards achieving his or her goals. Priorities may be very different as long as both of you are aware, comfortable and happy with each others priority list. However you should never force anyone to change their list according to yours... Everyone has their own path and freedom to find it is when you'll be even stronger together. Build your relationship in such a manner that you respect each other’s space, time, and decisions.

Always help one another grow together in the relationship & in life because that’s what “growing old together” is all about.

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