Hanee Chavan rubs elbows with celebrities on her youtube channel

This 17-year-old interviews celebrities from Sunny Leone to Sonam Kapoor.

Anagha M Published :  28th February 2017 03:26 PM   |   Published :   |  28th February 2017 03:26 PM


Hanee Chavan sounds like any other teenager — she goes to school and is studying English, visual art and business in her 12th grade. But Hanee also has a YouTube channel which has over 78,000 views. On the channel, she interviews Sunny Leone, Sonam Kapoor and everyone in between. Impressed? So were we.
Unplugged with Hanee Chavan is a candid chat show where celebs unwind and open up as Hanee asks them questions about love, life and their teenage years. Her skittish energy is contagious and makes all the celebs feel at ease and giggle as they answer her frank questions. “I love talking to people, socialising and making friends,” says the 17-year-old.
An out-and-out Mumbai kid and a lover of movies, she feels she has been lucky to get a response from all the actors whom she approached. The content is different and is something that people have liked. “In the Indian circuit, there wasn’t anyone my age I could relate to. I wished there were more people to address teen issues and other relevant topics,” she explains about how the channel was conceptualised. “I’ve been using YouTube since I was little. For teenagers today, social media plays an integral role in their lives. My YouTube channel was a natural progression.” 
The Sunny Leone episode was very popular as the actress spoke about her teenage years and the problems she faced as a kid. From playing pictionary with Malaika Arora to having a stayover with TV personality Shibani  Dandekar, the chat show is a treat for Bollywood fans. Although she feels a little nervous, she says she is confident about her content. But when asked to pick her favourite, Hanee chooses heartthrob Ranveer Singh. “I will always have a special place in my heart for my episode with him. He was the first one who agreed to do this, without even a background check, and he fully trusted me with my concept,” she signs off. 
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