Here's all you need to know about Hyderabad Comic Con

Pop culture fans gear up to experience a new fantasy world at Comic-Con this weekend.

A Harini Prasad Published :  10th April 2018 05:10 PM   |   Published :   |  10th April 2018 05:10 PM
Hyderabad Comic Con

Hyderabad Comic Con

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a collector of special editions or a fan of Batman, if you share a love for the world of comics, then Hyderabad Comic Con is the place-to-go this weekend. Catch your favourite characters including Captain America, Harley Quinn and Daenerys Targaryen come alive at the fifth season of this magnificent do. The two-day event promises to cater to every geek’s wildest dreams – with numerous gaming and experiential zones, cosplay contests, six comic book launches and an impressive line-up of guest speakers. 

Started in 2013, Comic-Con, which is one of the biggest launchpads for new comic books, merchandise and films, has always been a hit, satisfying all the pop culture fans in the city. While there were about 1,70,000 visitors in 2016, this year the event is expected to be bigger and better. “Our aim each year is to get a lot more content to the show and provide fans with a great experience, we have done that this year as well from brand new experiences to tons of new comics and merchandise to check out,” says Jatin Varma, founder of Comic-Con India. We had a quick interview with the two international artistes visiting Hyderabad for the event.

Joe Harris
Comic book writer 
(X-Files) and screenwriter (Darkness Falls)

Joe Harris

How do you decide on a theme before writing a story?
I am constantly taking in information, following current events and the news. So, I never lack in inspiration. Sadly, there’s a lot that’s curiously messed up in this world which inspires me. I let myself discover the theme once I’m interested in a subject. Consider Great Pacific, which I co-created with Martín Morazzo. I was very interested in telling a story about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and knew I wanted to have a character settle the world’s largest, floating trash dump out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. From there, I imagined that the oil industry would be involved in the story somehow, which led me to imagine our eventual protagonist, Chas, the heir to a massive oil company and fortune and so on. So it all tends to build itself organically. At least, hopefully. If I’m lucky.

Tell us about your experience with Comic Con India.
I love visiting India! My favourite part, honestly, is meeting the fans and experiencing the culture both for our differences and our similarities. I also very much hope to project an image of my country that is contrary to the current complexion Donald Trump and his presidency have ushered in and project. 
On October 14, 2.30 pm.

Martin Morazzo
Argentinian artist 
(Image Comics’ Great Pacific) 

Martin Morazzo

What are the challenges to design a comic book about art?
As I get more experience in the comic book art medium, I become more meticulous with using a reference to be accurate with the depiction of things and places. With The Electric Sublime, it extended to art, and it was very stressful. Drawing paintings by Seurat, Magritte or Picasso sure was challenging, but, since I’m very fond of fine art, it was also exciting and fun. I think we did a good job and I’m very proud of the final result.
How often do you read Indian comics?
Oh, I’m ashamed to say I’ve never been in much contact with Indian comic books! I just know a character or two, but I’m happy that’s about to change. I want to get in touch with Indian creators too and see the books they’re working on.
On October 15, 3 pm.

Cosplay contests
People would draw blank stares to the word cosplay if mentioned five years ago. But thanks to Comic-Con, this pop culture game is one of the most celebrated aspects today. The attraction, here, is the great attention to detail that participants put into costumes of their favourite pop culture figures. In the upcoming event, cosplayers are definitely in for a treat. There are prizes under five categories including comic book/graphic novel, animated series/movie, Manga/anime, sci-fi/fantasy and gaming. Each day, one participant will win a cash prize of Rs.50,000 and get a chance to represent the country at the Annual Crown Championships of Cosplay in Chicago. 

Fans can stock up on their favourite merchandise this weekend as a long list of international brands get ready to showcase their products – Planet Superheroes, Red Wolf, MC Sid Razz, The Entertainment Store, Comic Con India Merch Store, Macmerise, Comic Factory, Every Flavour Geeks, I love Being Hyderabadi, Graphicurry and Comic Gadgets.  

Comic book launches
 Rhyme Fighters: Odes to our Unsung Heroes by Abhijeet Kini Studios
 Caster Issue #2 and by Age Of Immortals #3 by Holy Cow Entertainment
 13 Days Horror Story Book 2, Ved Series Book 3 (Barf) and Takshak – Indian Superhero launch

Another piece of good news for enthusiasts is that Comic-Con Hyderabad has collaborated with Archie Publications to make special editions of popular Archie titles available with customised Hyderabad cover. Each pass holder at the venue will receive an exclusive edition featuring Archie & the gang from Riverdale, visiting the iconic Charminar in the city!

Ticket: Rs.499. At Hitex Exhibition Center on October 14 - 15. 

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