Kerala's watermelon protest pays off, case registered against college professor 

author_img Team Indulge Published :  23rd March 2018 11:56 AM   |   Published :   |  23rd March 2018 11:56 AM
The watermelon protest in Kerala

The watermelon protest in Kerala

It was only last week that Jauhar Munnavir, a professor at Farook Training College in Kerala, garnered much hate and attention when he made the offensive remark, comparing women's breasts to 'sliced melons'. The comment created a massive uproar with students staging protests with watermelons. Days after that, the Koduvally police on Thursday evening registered a case against under IPC Sections 354A (punishment for sexual harassment) and section 509 (words, gestures or acts intended to insult the modesty of a woman). 

What Jauhar Munnavir said:  

"I am teacher of a college where 80% of the students are girls and the majority of them are Muslims. What is the situation there? They wear purdah, but they wear leggings too. And they hold their purdah a little higher in order to expose the leggings they are wearing. This is the new style," Jauhar said.

He continued: "Don't even talk about muftah. They don't wear muftah anymore, do they? Just wrap a shawl over the head, and it’s done. They tie it in such a way that their chest is not covered. A woman's bosom is one of the body parts that attracts a man. And so it should be covered. But our girls expose some part of their chest. You know, like how we slice a small part of a melon to see if it’s ripe? Just like that. They want to say that rest of their body is also like the exposed part."