Gifting ideas: This Mother’s Day, surprise your mom like never before

Seven gifting ideas perfect for the superwoman in our lives 
Gifting ideas: This Mother’s Day, surprise your mom like never before

Mother's Day is almost here, so time is running out to buy your mom a perfect gift. When talking about a perfect gift, it is not easy to think of something which will complement the most important woman of your life - the one who is on her foot all day long just to make things alright for everyone around.

This Mother's Day, secure your spot as mom’s favourite and understanding kid. Gift her things that will work as her companion in her daily routine and enhance her lifestyle.

Don’t worry, we got your back! Read on for seven gifting ideas, just perfect for the Superwomen of our lives:

1. Pamper her with a pair of Spa Socks 

Show your love and appreciation for your mom by allowing her to kick her feet up this Mother's Day in a pair of Spa Socks. For the women who walk and run in heels effortlessly, the spa socks are the perfect present as they help relieve the pain that follows wearing high heels. The socks contain an all-natural 'gel' section to mitigate pain and discomfort. The gel comprises lavender oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, jojoba oil and Vitamin E to rejuvenate and pamper your feet. Price: Rs 499.

The famous nutrient supplement doing the rounds on Instagram nowadays. Power Gummies are chewable candies helping in hair and nail growth. With the goodness of Biotin and berries, the product is said to be 100% vegetarian and gluten, dairy and wheat free. Give a perfect gift and a solution to your mom's daily hussle and tension of keeping hair strong and healthy - that too with just two yummy blue bears a day! Price: Rs 600.

3. Gift her a companion: 365 Daily Planner

It is difficult to keep a track of work, different household lists, and important days. If your mom loves to keep a track of her important days and work, don’t let her miss out on this 365 Daily Planner. It will work perfectly to help her keep track of tasks, planning day-to-day activities and to keep a note of all things to be done. Price: Rs 599.

4. Revive her love for Poetry: Sanaz-Shayari for a Sufi soul

Gift your mom or your grandma a warm, yarn-knitted blanket, shaped like a mermaid’s tail. Here, she can wrap herself up and become the mermaid of her choice. Reading, watching TV or taking a nap, this will give her perfect company when you are not around. Be it sofa, couch, bed or chair, the blanket will never leave her side. Price: Rs. 1,299.

Your mom loves her jewellery, and there are times when she takes off her rings, and forgets where she left them! Provide her with a safe place to put her rings away while running errands or just to let her fingers breathe - this classy ring holder is exactly what they need. Not only are they elegant to look at, they'll keep the rings safe and tight. Place it by the kitchen sink, or in the shower area, to ensure the rings stay exactly where she left them last. Price: Rs 499.

7. Go traditional, but with a modern twist!

“No matter how old you grow, you will always remain a child for me,” the eternal punchline in any situation, but it’s true. It’s not very difficult to make our mom’s feel special. Be that kid again! Help her with household chores, take a day off or take her out, bring her flowers or make a handmade card for her. Your presence is what matters to her the most, which we often tend to forget in our self-proclaimed busy lives.

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