What does ITC Kohenur in Hyderabad promise the luxury seekers? Find out here

With the best of technology, splendour and sustainable practises, this plush hotel in Hyderabad is set to carve a niche segment among travellers

Paulami Sen Published :  01st June 2018 10:00 AM   |   Published :   |  01st June 2018 10:00 AM

ITC Kohenur, Hyderabad


Wondering what’s that royal imposing structure reaching for the skies overlooking the Durgam Cheruvu lake? Well, we have found the answer for you. It is the new hotspot of luxury– ITC Kohenur – which is set to be unveiled today. “Consider it our ode to Hyderabad, a city with a grand legacy,” says general manager Tejinder Singh. Inspired by the 13th Century diamond – the Kohinoor, referred to as Koh-e-Nur in Persian – the hotel is the result of five years of meticulous research and construction. This is their second hotel in Hyderabad after ITC Kakatiya.

Chandeliers made from lac bangles

The guiding lights
As we stepped inside, the staff extended a warm welcome. But don’t beat yourself up for not responding well enough, for you might find yourself distracted by the awe-inspiring interior. Take for instance the pillar at the entrance of their all-day diner, Golden Pavilion, which boasts of ancient Bidri artwork. The chandeliers, weighing from 500 to 800 kgs are the lights that will guide you home, or to your rooms in this case. Don’t miss their lac bangle chandelier, whose golden glow bathes the lobby.

Want a drink? Drop by at the Peacock Bar

Peacocks & roses
As we sip on Ark-e-Gulaab, a refreshing rose-petal infused welcome drink topped with silver warq, we notice their chocolate boutique, Fabelle. It beckons you with an extensive array of desserts and cocoa beverages, created live by Fabelle Master Chocolatiers. From one spot of hedonism to another –we move on to the Peacock Bar, whose ceiling is covered with peacock-inspired wall art done in tikri work.
We tried Vibhor, a cocktail made of gin, lychee juice, blue curacao, and egg white. Turquoise blue in colour, it reminds you of  the ensemble actress Francis McDormand wore to the Met Gala recently. “This drink gives you the kind of rush that a peacock might get, as he dances without inhibitions,” says Tejinder.

The banquets

Green and guilt-free
The ITC Kohenur has been built in sync with the LEED Platinum Standards akin to all the ITC luxury hotels in the country. They run on eco-friendly energy, solar and wind, to be precise.We learn that the backend operations employ sustainable methods such that the guests can enjoy all the luxury, guilt-free.

Sleep like a baby
At Kohenur, bedtime is taken very seriously. Certain measures, such as geo-mapping and neutralisation of hotel radiation of WiFi routers are some of the steps that are taken to ensure guests get some restful shuteye. There’s also a menu focused on sleep and a kit at the bedside to ensure that you wake up refreshed.

The Yi Jing

Room with a view
ITC Kohenur has a total of 271 rooms, including 27 serviced residences. The property has adopted the latest in technology to offer its guests a personalised eco-system which can be automated to suit their needs just with  the iPad. The guests are offered room control features, video-on-demand (Netflix and YouTube), and even adjustments of temperature to decimal points. What had us fascinated were their Wellness Rooms. If you take a shower, you would be absorbing the goodness of Vitamin C as there’s a device attached to the shower which has six months’ worth of the vitamin in store. You can also look forward to guilt-free mini-bars stocked with healthy short-eats. However, if unabashed luxury is what’s on your mind, check-in to their Grand Presidential Suite. The rooms span an area of 4,008 sq. ft. and is perfect for those on a workacation as there’s an office and meeting room with independent access. The Presidential Suite, titled Daria-E-Nur and the Grand Presidential Room also boasts of walk-in-closets that even Carrie Bradshaw would approve of.

Rooms with a touch of grandeur

From stomach to heart
Famished after our stroll, we headed to Yi Jing for lunch, where authentic Chinese dishes from the Hunan and the Sichuan region of China were served. A view of the soothing green vertical garden one can see through the window, relaxes us as we get ready to dine. Make sure to try their Spicy Carrot & Wasabi Dumplings and Beijing Duck if you happen to visit. The sudden change of décor becomes obvious as you enter the restaurants based on various themes. For instance, Yi Jing is inspired by Chinese warehouses and is crafted from shipwrecks discovered during the rule of Ming Dynasty in China. The range of culinary experiences ITC Kohenur offers is diverse, experimental but always memorable. The other eateries one can check out are Dum Pukht Begum’s, Golconda Pavilion (offering dishes crafted from locally-sourced favourites), Ottimo (fourth in the country following Chennai, Bengaluru and New Delhi), and their bar, Sky Point.

Dum Pukth Begum's

And there’s more...
If you make this hotel your home for a few days, don’t forget to book yourself a relaxing treatment at their in-house spa, Kaya Kalp. Spread over three floors, it has five treatment rooms. Look out for the candles which have sketches of Mughal emperors and begums.

Chocolates at Fabelle


Don’t miss the Club Prive either, an exclusive members-only club located on the 12th floor, with alfresco seating. While you are there, step into the cigar lounge with lush leather chairs. You can enjoy a beautiful view of the Durgam Cheruvu from there with a glass of wine — a fitting end to your visit.

ITC Kohenur opens on June 1.
Rooms start from Rs 10,500 onwards.