Chennai-based Drapes and Dreams is a one-stop-shop for exclusive luxe home decor 

From Swarovski chandeliers to exquisite furnishings, Drapes and Dreams on Sterling Road redefines aesthetics in home luxury

author_img Sabrina Rajan Published :  28th October 2022 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  28th October 2022 12:00 AM

Rohini Vasudevan at Drapes and Dreams

he five-storied showroom on Sterling Road has our attention as it glows and glitters intriguingly. A walk into the first floor finds us surrounded with gorgeous crystal chandeliers that mesmerise with cleverly reflecting lights, alluring baubles and intricate designs. “This one is a limited edition piece — there are only two of them in the world — and the other one is not in India,” says Rohini Vasudevan, director of the company and the creative brains behind this 22,000 square feet space of all things beautiful. The said chandelier is humongous and holds the centre space of pride and represents ‘love, fortune and victory’ — as we notice the figurines perched on the periphery.

Bespoke furniture at Drapes and Dreams

As the exclusive dealers for Swarovski Lighting (for Tamil Nadu and Kerala), and Loom Crafts Outdoor Furniture (for Tamil Nadu), all roads lead to Drapes and Dreams for contemporary trends in home décor solutions that also offers an exhaustive range of wallpaper options, soft furnishings from across the world and Rohini’s invaluable eye for elegant aesthetics. “Wallpaper is trending like never before,” explains Rohini, who is a self-taught interior designer and lets on that they have more than 40 sought after brands of furnishings under their roof. Talking about how an interesting wall can change the vibe of a room, we stare at mural-like wall art that we discover is textured wallpaper with themes that range from vintage motifs to bold tropical expressions. “3-D wallpapers are eternal,” she says, adding how Venetian mirrors on textured wallpapers can immediately amp up the regal charm of a room.

Swarovski Lighting at Drapes and Dreams

Talking about accents — Rohini explains how flecks of a certain hue can change the aesthetics of a wall, furniture or floor. “You have no idea how mustard can do wonders to the palette. In fact, when my daughter wanted a striking English Blue for her wardrobe, I just added hints of mustard and black to bring out the blue in an aesthetic manner,” explains Rohini. In terms of material, she agrees that there is a strong demand for sustainable and washable materials. “A hint of jute or a floral cushion thrown in the midst of textured fabrics, a single statement chair or a dramatic wall — can change the mood of a composition,” she says. Boasting of their own in-house tailoring unit, Drapes and Dreams also offers an exciting range of curtain materials ranging from velvet and sheer to cotton, linen and silk. “Curtain styling is equally important — and ripple curtains are trending and have replaced pleated, eyelet etc,” she adds.
While her favourite colours this season include teal, aqua and Ashes of Rose, Rohini tells us, “While following trends adds a contemporary twist to your interiors, there are other elements that have to be kept in mind, like — lighting in the space and most importantly, the client’s preferences. Finally, what we offer is — the room of your dreams. You dream it —  and we have it!”

At Sterling Road.
—  Sabrina Rajan