Try these fitness apps that help track your progress

Thanks to the smartphone revolution, almost everything has an app now including fitness and health. 

author_img H Prasad Published :  01st May 2019 04:40 PM   |   Published :   |  01st May 2019 04:40 PM

If you are looking for a free yet highly customised way to stay fit, then turn on your phone. Thanks to the smartphone revolution, almost everything has an app now. To convert your unproductive scrolling and gaming into something productive and good for the body, try these apps. Many of these apps not only provide you with a workout plan but also give help you monitor your diet and health.

Fittr- Fittr truly is like your own personal trainer. With nutrition charts and trackers, training tools and healthy recipes, there is nothing else left to ask for. All of these are designed especially for you, using an automated process based on details like your height and weight to generate customised workout plans and yummy recipes to keep you going!

Healthify Me- Do you keep wondering if your drinking enough water or are eating healthy enough? Healthify Me does all the that and more. It lets you track your calorie and water intake in addition to physical activity. It helps you connect to other people working toward the same goals and allows you to be part of challenges, in case, a competitive spirit is all you need to power through your workout.

Home Workout - For a detailed bodybuilding and fitness experience, Home Workout is one of the best choices. It offers workout plans aimed at different parts of your body - legs, full-body, abs, etc. With inbuilt warm-up and stretching, and focus on fat burning and strength training, it constitutes a complete home workout.

7 Minute Workout- Too busy to clear time off your schedule? 7 minutes are all you need to take care of your body. Built with fun reward systems that include challenges with friends, this app might just be your body’s 7 minutes in heaven. 

MyFitnessPal- Counting calories has never been easier. MyFitnessPal lets you meet your calorie goals by its highlight ‘recipe import’ feature, that lets to track the nutritional values of anything you might eat, including homecooked meals as long as you have the recipe. To encourage healthy eating out habits, the app monitors restaurant recommendations.

Compiled by Bhavya Burra.