Paloma at home edition: Pole dancing to DJ-ing, seven Instagrammers who inspire you to live your best quarantine life

Despite the lockdown, there is no dearth of inspiration from these folks!

author_img Paloma Rao Published :  08th April 2020 06:45 PM   |   Published :   |  08th April 2020 06:45 PM

Brionii Vardon

And just like that another week goes by as we fill up our time cooking, cleaning and checking the news every few minutes. While I definitely have a newfound appreciation for my cook, (I feel like I’ve been chopping onions for an eternity) I will say that my cooking skills have gone up a few notches. Necessity is the mother of invention, after all. I’ve also managed to pick up a paintbrush after years and immerse myself in art with minimal disturbance from the outside world. Let’s hope I manage to finish the piece I’m currently working on. In between all the productive behaviour, I’ve also enjoyed ‘Insta stalking’ some of my favourite people, who are a constant source of entertainment, along with some new finds. Here are this week’s top picks.

Santana with sister Samantha

Santana Maria Lambert (@santanamarialambert): This leggy model and DJ has been cracking me up with some fun Tik Tok videos that include her sister Samantha and her dogs Cosmo and Sky. From home workouts to DJing, she’s been hilariously depicting the realities of quarantine life.


Pavitra Sagar

Pavitra Sagar (@stylemuze): This fashionista shared her special recipe for ‘Tomato Soup’, in a departure from the sartorial direction her feed normally takes. I had my notepad out ready to pen down the recipe, starting to get suspicious when one of the main ingredients was vodka. The tomato soup turned out to be a Bloody Mary, the perfect cocktail for a Sunday brunch.


Karun Raman

Karun Raman (@karunraman): One of Chennai’s favourite choreographers, Karun has been keeping us entertained with his various accessories, from flowers to false eyelashes, his workout videos and musings in general.

Anusha Swamy

Anusha Swamy (@anushaswamy): Yet another multi-hyphenated individual, make-up artist, dancer, choreographer, Anusha has had us enthralled of late with her pole dancing routines. The tiny seed was planted when Anusha was in Melbourne and attended a few sessions at a pole dance class. After that she’s been pretty much completely self-taught. Wow indeed.


Paloma in the art flow


21 days of design by @framesinyellow 


Diksha Reddy

If you would like to dabble in art a little bit, I have three people for you, starting off with Mathangi Kumar (@mathangi.kumar) whose day job is being the Chef at The Summer House Eatery. She also conducted a couple of live Zentangle sessions, a great way to deal with anxiety. Next up is Diksha (@framesinyellow) who is creating an artwork a day, for every day of the lockdown. And finally, my personal favourite, Brionii Vardon (@brioniivardon), who I know as a dancer, but turns out is also a super talented artist. I frankly enjoy just zoning out and watching her create magic, which she thankfully shares with us on Instagram.