Special: Photographer Sanjoy Bhattacherjee trains his lenses on four Kolkata models

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Sanjoy Bhattacherjee

I t was while preparing for his high school finals that Sanjoy Bhattacherjee started clicking pictures with his Sony Cool Pix point and shoot camera. He started taking pictures of his family and friends and realised that he was pretty good at it. By the time he was ready to join college, he discovered his passion for photography and decided to pursue the same seriously.

“From the very beginning I had an extremely supportive set of parents and after completing my graduation I attended a basic introductory course in photography online. Before plunging into it full-time, I completed a course in fashion and creative photography from a formal institute to understand the nuances of photography,” recalls Sanjoy.

The young shutterbug strongly believes that each picture tells a story, so, he focuses on his frame and makes sure it has a good foreground, background and art design and of course, great lighting. “I always focus on a perfect picture and not only on the features of the model,” explains Sanjoy, who now uses a Canon 5D Mark 4 and a Sony A7MIII for his shoots.

Among the models whose pictures he has submitted for this column, Sanjay feels that Sangi has great body language and good features and Jasmine possesses an extremely pretty face. “Sananda’s expressions come out very well and Payel has just started out and will do well with more practice and experience,” shares the photographer, who now also runs a company called Dristikon Film and Entertainment LLP with his partner Soumya Banerjee.

Sanjoy Bhattacherjee can be reached at +91 87774 82140 or can be mailed at dristikonfilmandentertainment@gmail.com Instagram: @sanjoybhattacherjee_dristikon

Sananda Banerjee

Sananda Banerjee | 34, height: 5 ft 3 inches

A working professional who loves modelling and acting at leisure, Sananda’s choice of fabrics and clothes depend primarily on the weather. “I like wearing colourful clothes during the winter and summers for me call for light denim, shirts, T-shirts, shorts and dresses in cotton. My favourite colours include black, red and white,” says Sananda. For formal occasions, she prefers traditional silk saris like a Kanjivaram or Banarasi and hand-woven pieces for the day. “I like to match them with designer deep-back, three-quarter blouses with frills. I like wearing junk jewellery, Kundan pieces and platinum. Make-up is minimal for me with a serum and light base, liner or kajal, nicely done eyebrows, mascara and lipsticks in nude shades,” she adds.

Instagram: @banerjeesananda

Payel Podder

Payel Podder | 35, height: 5 ft 2 inches

With modelling as a hobby, Payel, who works in the financial sector, loves anything in cotton especially jeans, shorts, tops, crop tops and trousers. “I love vibrant colours like wine, maroon, pink, blue and any neon colour. Occasions always call for traditional saris like a Baluchari with designer sleeveless or backless blouses. I prefer neckpieces but if I wear earrings, I avoid necklaces. I love wearing silver and copper pieces,” says Payel. She likes to keep her make-up minimal with a light base, liner and tinted balm for her lips.

Instagram: @popypayel

Jasmine Mitra

Jasmine Mitra | 24, height: 5 ft 3 inches

A NIFT graduate, Jasmine loves to flaunt sheer fabrics that have a soft, feminine and Victorian touch. “I like dresses and frocks and any Western outfit including trousers, shirts, shorts and crop tops in colours like white, black, red and pink. When it comes to traditional occasions, I like the Indo-Western touch in my outfits. If I wear a lehenga, I drape the dupatta in a different and unusual way. If it’s a sari then the blouse has to be unusual and when it comes to fabrics, I like georgette or chiffon. I like to accessorise the look with light earrings and bangles,” shares the young designer. She likes to keep her everyday makeup minimal and prefers the glossy look in pink hues with accentuated lips in red, pink and a hint of mascara.

Instagram: @jasminemitra

Sangi Karmakar

Sangi Karmakar | 26, height: 5 ft 8 inches

A model by profession, Sangi loves keeping it cool and casual when it comes to daily wear. Jeans, tops, crop tops, shirts and trousers are her choice of attire for regular wear and if meetings beckon, then she likes to opt for short dresses or skirts. “I love wearing cotton and my favourite colour is white. For occasions, I like flaunting a Jamdani sari in one colour with a sleeveless blouse and minimal jewellery. I like keeping my make-up minimal too with a hint of gloss and blush,” shares the young model.

Instagram: @sangi_980