Join the 'water bowl challenge' to give our four-legged friends some much needed hydration

author_img Sonali S Published :  05th April 2021 06:49 PM   |   Published :   |  05th April 2021 06:49 PM

Actor Regina Cassandra offering a thirsty kitten a drink of water

Ever since People For Cattle in India (PFCI) launched the water bowl challenge in 2014, it has become something of a tradition for animal lovers in Chennai. The way you participate is simple: place a bowl of fresh drinking water outside your house, terrace, balcony or garden - wherever animals or birds might be able to access it to quench their thirst over the course of the day.


Complimentary bowls from PFCI are available on a first come first-serve basis


This time around, actor Regina Cassandra has joined PFCI as campaign brand ambassador. She says, "Summer is not around the corner anymore, it's right here and it's getting REALLY hot. It will also be really hot for the animals around us. So I request all of you, the only way you could probably contribute is by keeping a nice bowl of water outside your main gate where you find a lot of street dogs, animals or birds. It will be very helpful for them. The summers do get very hot, the throat gets very parched. It happens to us as well; you can imagine what it does for the poor animals. So I request all of you, if you could just do something small like this, it would be really really helpful.”

Sign up to collect a free PFCI bowl and participate in the challenge. Bowls are allotted on a first come first-serve basis. Then click a picture with an animal or bird drinking water from the bowl and nominate five other people to do the same. Participants can use the hashtags #WaterBowlChallenge, 
#WaterBowlChallenge2021, #PFCI and tag Regina Cassandra.

The last date to submit entries is April 25. Winners will be announced on the same day.