Richa Daga's Fun Pickle spreads cheer globally

Fun Pickle goes global, organising online parties and workshops to lift spirits

author_img Farah Khatoon Published :  24th December 2021 01:03 AM   |   Published :   |  24th December 2021 01:03 AM
Richa Daga

Richa Daga of Fun Pickle

None could fathom the kind of impact Fun Pickle would have globally, infecting the little ones across borders with a healthy dose of fun and merriment during the COVID-19 crises. Richa Daga, the co-founder of this dynamic event management service, tells us, “Our work entailed organising physical activities like games and quizzes and skill-based learning sessions for children. We had started doing things online but this year it just ballooned into a different level.”

The virtual sessions moved beyond national borders this year and Fun Pickle organised anniversary, birthday parties and other occasions in countries as vast and varied as China, Australia and USA among others, with Richa and her team coordinating through computer and phone screens remotely from Kolkata. “March 2021 was relatively slow when fresh lockdowns were announced. It took us a month to bounce back and we haven’t had the time to rest since then,” enthuses Richa who also took up a few courses to cut her teeth into the new world of event management.

With the client base expanding, the challenges were many. Richa, who organised around 25 events every month, tells us, “The online effort is way different from offline events. The planning, ideating, co-ordinating and execution take place without a single team meeting or face-to-face client meet. However, we were quick to introduce new modules and adapt and improvise with situations. The different time zones were also a challenge, making our schedules extremely hectic. However, we were able to brave all the odds and deliver what the clients wanted.”

Fun Pickle also tied up with a lot of corporates for employee workshops. With physical events back on track and schools gradually opening up, Richa is expecting to restart her live events with children. However, she emphasises that she will continue doing online events as she likes taking up new challenges. “The movement has changed. From being just virtual, the world is opening up for physical events. So, we would love to go back to our physical events, but would also like to continue our online enterprises, especially the corporate ones,” says Richa who is excited about the upcoming weekend Treasure Island adventure game that is being organised at Reymount Road and will continue on weekends, till February

Fun Pickle