Inked for Halloween in Chennai

That Halloween was round the corner only made it easy to bring them all under one theme

author_img Kannalmozhi Kabilan Published :  30th October 2021 05:08 PM   |   Published :   |  30th October 2021 05:08 PM
Inked for Halloween in Chennai

Inked for Halloween in Chennai

Many a great story has had its origins in a great party (remember Romeo & Juliet). Outside of the fiction world, Chennai is preparing for a great story of its own with its — probably first ever — Halloween tattoo party. Thanks to dreaminc’s Krishna and ATTE Global Cafe.

Four tattoo artists of indie repute and quite a fan following (with some delighting enthusiasts even in Goa, Bengaluru and Delhi) — Krishna (@dreaminc_tattoos), Gheshna (@ghe_shnanigans), dibs123 (@dibsisdead) and epoc47 (@____.4669) will gather under one roof to offer their spellbinding work. This, even as graffiti artists work their magic and sculptors bring to life to dull lumps of clay through the day. Krishna, for one, has big plans.

“This event (has been organised) majorly because I want to connect all the indie artists in Chennai. I want artists of different spectrums to meet each other, collaborate in our way — tattoo artists can bring an illustrator’s work to life, graffiti artists can bring the tattoo artist’s work. It’s a social event where artists can meet,” begins Krishna.

Given how much independent artists have taken a hit since the pandemic, this would also put them and their in the public eye and help bring more work their way, they believe. That Halloween was round the corner only made it easy to bring them all under one theme. The four tattooists will be dishing out tiny, spooky creations (tattoos that won’t be time-consuming). Illustrators will also be pitching in with designs for those in need of inspiration.

Krishna has flown in from Himachal Pradesh, where she is currently residing, for this pop-up. Despite her work taking her to cities that are far more familiar with such a tattoo culture or a robust Halloween spirit, it’s Chennai that she chose for her grand plans. Ask her why and she says it’s precisely to fill this very gap. We need platforms where artists can connect and this is one of them, she says. Yet, the decision is not without a personal touch. “I was born by the beach in Chennai; I did start off my tattoo career here. This is my base, these are my people and I love tattooing them,” they share.

Given the concerns of a pandemic-riddled world, the event will follow every precaution to keep each other safe, we are assured. After all, tattooing required such levels of sanitation long before Covid made it a universal mandate, notes Krishna. “There is going to be a deep clean a day before the event. At the event, there will be sanitisation products everywhere and we will keep cleaning the stations after every group of people. This is why the event is spread out throughout the day,” they detail, adding that activities would be spread out across the premises and this will keep people from crowding.

All this festivity is set to be accompanied by some fun, Halloween-themed food from the house of ATTE (@atte_global_cafe). “From our side, I wanted to do themed food and beverages. We are planning two or three beverages, a few starters and a couple of desserts. It will have red and green and all your Halloween colours,” reveals Rishikesh R, chef at ATTE. His long-standing interest in a Halloween event is finally coming to fruition.

Inkantation will begin at 11.11 am at ATTE on October 31. For more details, call: 9962221845