International Plastic Bag Free Day: Here’s how you can replace plastic with sustainable options

These eco-friendly alternatives will help you do your part in reducing plastic 

author_img Priyanka C Published :  02nd July 2022 05:29 PM   |   Published :   |  02nd July 2022 05:29 PM
No plastic day

No plastic day

As the Union Environment Ministry announces the ban of single-use plastic from July 1, 2022, it is time that we look for more sustainable alternatives in our daily lives. And now, as we celebrate World Plastic Bag Free Day on July 3, it's the need of the hour to make small changes in our lifestyle to shift from plastic to bio-degradable substances. Here are five plastic alternatives... 

Bamboo toothbrushes

These toothbrushes are an eco-friendly alternative as the product is developed from bamboo. It is ergonomically designed to keep your oral hygiene in check. 

Handmade neem wood detangling combs

There are many advantages to using a wooden comb – it is lightweight and has blunt teeth, which can reduce the possibility of hair damage and improve blood flow. The product also promises to help improve the quality of hair.

Copper bottles

The copper bottle is known to have multiple advantages including antioxidant properties, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-carcinogenic benefits. In addition, it helps in the formation of hemoglobin and cell regeneration.

Canvas tote bags

Keep large canvas tote bags in handy in your car, so that you don't have to rely on plastic bags from grocery stores or supermarkets. From bright colours to funky prints and shiny embellishments, online stores have a plethora of interesting and funky options. 

Eco-friendly travel bamboo cutlery kit 

The easiest products to start with are biodegradable cutlery. There is no need to use plastic spoons and forks when you can replace them with bamboo. This kit is easy to use and is travel friendly as well.